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  1. Hi. Do you have identical feeders for nozzle 1 and 2? Did you check if the esteps for feeder 2 is correct?
  2. In this case I'm in that group and I remember the design you are refering to. It was another dual nozzle approach stored in DXU folder.
  3. Cool mod! It's like a project on its own. I never knew there was a chat room. Can I join?
  4. Hi Steve, It sounds like your feeder gear is slipping on the filament. Try to increase temp to 240 and reduce speed when running the filament through to see if it brings it back to 100mm, to isolate the problem. If that's the case, it probably means the hotend has too much resistance for the feeder, not melting the filament quick enough. Possible solution is upgrading the heater cartriage to higher power like 40W. What's your feeder for the 2nd nozzle? Does it have the same problem?
  5. Use hand to turn lever to lower nozzle 2. Then adjust dock position in menu so the front of lever is touching the back edge of dock. You should be able to get it work with the default travel distance. Make sure the head is close enough to the dock. The travel distance is only adjustable in firmware source code.
  6. Sorry I don't have a good Aliexpress link. You need a 48mm long NEMA17 motor. The popular ones usually don't come with correct connector. You need to change the connector yourself in that case.
  7. Sorry to interrupt with a random question here: Did anyone from Israel ordered an hotend on the Taobao store? The seller is trying to reach you (which he can't) and asked me to help out here. Please PM me if you see this post.
  8. Hi Bigrjsuto, Yes, it allows individual estep setting for extruders.
  9. You can refer to the mark2 guide https://magnetic-tool-changer.com/step-6-calibration.html
  10. Stock fan is 25*25*7, you might need a 3mm packer to fit it nicely. But be aware that Fan Cover 2510 is not compatible with Fan Shroud 3510. It's a legacy model to be used with Shroud 3015. Only Fan Cover 3010 works with Shroud 3510.
  11. The default esteps is for stock extruder. You do need to change it. The estep value can also be set through the menu.
  12. Have a browse in the menu on the printer, there is an option called motor invert or something similar. You can invert the E2 motor there.
  13. DXU profiles are now included in Cura 4.6 by default. The profiles in 4.6 is pretty much the same as the one on Github for 4.5. One for single nozzle print and one for dual nozzle print. The postprocessing script is no longer needed.
  14. I haven't used the latest Mark2 firmware. I'll share my understanding based on 17.10.1. The problem with printing with Head 2 only is caused by both the firmware and Cura. The firmware takes T0/T1 command and change active extruder without doing switch gesture when it doesn't know head position (head not homed/motor released). When printing with head 2 only, Cura puts a T1 code to the very beginning of the gcode. The firmware changes the active extruder to Head 2 accordingly, but doesn't actually do the gesture. No matter how many T1 you put in the start code, the firmware alre
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