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  1. I only created the Z calibration model. The XY calibration model belongs to Mark2.
  2. You are welcome. I updated the BOM with the specific options to avoid confusion.
  3. There is no fundamental difference with firmware. I changed a few things for the hardware and my preference. To name most of them here: 1. Movement for nozzle change is slightly different. 2. After switching nozzle, the head heat up next to the dock and go directly to print. It skips the move of going to front prime position. 3. Y reach and bed levelling position are no longer related to dock position. 4. Changed temperature tuning limit from 25 to 99. 5. Limit the filament forward speed by max feedrate setting.
  4. Normally the seller is very responsive, something probably went wrong. Taobao is a local marketplace, unlike Aliexpress. Sellers ship items overseas through the Taobao's official parcel transfer service. Sellers normally don't directly sent international mail. It's possible that sometime the order is not placed correctly. If you would like to PM me your order number, I'm happy to check with the seller what's going on for you.
  5. I think you might need to swap the plywood sliding blocks with UM2 nylon blocks because the cross shaft on UMO is the other way around. No need to get the UM2+ extrusion upgrade. 90% of the parts on printhead are useless for this setup.
  6. yyh1002

    Tinker firmware - introduction

    Thanks! This is exacty what I need. I’ll see if I could get it to work. Web interface is handy to send prints, but if I stand in front of a print and something goes wrong, it’s not as quick to cancel on LCD.
  7. yyh1002

    Tinker firmware - introduction

    Hi tinkergnome, I've recently started printing with Octoprint. I'm directly using web interface without touchUI and additional screen. The firmware works really well with all the tuning options in LCD. The only main options missing are abort and pause. I'm trying to be able to abort print from the LCD menu. I did some searching and it seems impossible to communicate back to Octoprint for these commands. But could there be a work around such as telling the printer to disconnect from Octoprint/USB so the printer act like abort print? Thanks a lot! Ryan
  8. Congrats on being the first to make it from overseas!(except for me;))
  9. I pushed some minor updates to the DXU as v1.1. 1. Moved the dock to the right back corner. If there is imperfection of dual print due to filament conditions, the marks will be on the back of model instead of front. So slightly better print outcome in some cases. The contact of lever and dock while doing bed levelling is gone. The dock liner for drilling is updated with a diagram of how to use it. 2. Added the link of PI insulator to BOM. PI insulator is to be installed between the PTFE tube and the nozzle. It allows printing of up to 290°C. 3. Filament fast forward speed now limited by max feedrate of E. Fast forward speed is now controlled by max feedrate in the menu instead of steps/s in firmware. It is more handy for switching to other stepper driver with lower steps/s limit, such as TMC2208.
  10. Very good observation. May I just correct one detail? The heatblock is not general 1.75 version of Olsson block. The orientation of male/female thread is reverse. It also has to be the specific heatblock from the heatsink seller. It's not the same as UM3. The following photo shows the original application of the heatsink:
  11. Unfortunately the hotend is not sold anywhere else. You might be able to find the part cooling fan on alibaba.com. I imagine there could be order agents for taobao.
  12. It's not e3d. E3d has diameter of 22mm. This one is only 13 in diameter and also shorter in length, much more suitable for dual nozzle efficiency.
  13. It's flawless. I printed high temp, flexible, and standard filament and haven't had any problem. Plus the consumable is only a piece of 2x4 PTFE tube which makes maintenance pretty much free.
  14. Thanks. The .hex file is correct. Are you using Cura 3.4 to upload it? For some reason Cura 3.4 cannot upload custom firmware successfully. Earlier versions such as 3.1 works. I'm not sure which aluminum pieces your are referring to. You can find all the links in BOM. Thanks for the kind words ? There is no need to remove the head or hotend to change nozzle. It takes a plier to hold the heater block to unscrew and install the nozzle with hex socket wrench. I printed everything with unmodified PC at 280 °C with the same hotend. I added a PI ring between the nozzle and PTFE tube for heat resistance, similar to the one by 3D Solex. The lever parts were printed at 0.05 layer height.

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