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  1. Hi Carlok / gr5, Thanks for the tip. I was going to order the same old type but now I will go for the suggested one.
  2. Thanks gr5. I can insert this shunt resistor but I would rather go for a new supply. Its a matter of few days, I can wait. I wonder if the new supply is of the same quality as the old one, than what?
  3. CarloK I tried your suggestion, enabled dev mode and ssh'ed to change the wattage from 221 to 200, but unfortunately the problem persists. I also tried a factory reset but that's not working Any other suggestions? Or do I need to go for a power supply replacement?
  4. Thanks for the tip gr5. I will try it.
  5. Thanks for your reply Carlok. None of the possibilities apply mentioned by you as I have changed nothing. While I was waiting for reply, I started a print with build plate temperature set at zero. I got this idea from another thread with same problem. It worked and printer started printing without rebooting, except there was no proper adhesion to build plate obviously. It seems that the power supply module is the culprit. I am contacting my supplier, hopefully they will replace it. Regarding the configuration changes, I can not do it myself but I will ask my son. He is a software engineer. Thanks again.
  6. I am using ultimaker3 printer and cura4. Every thing was going smoothly. All of a sudden the printer started rebooting when a print is started. It reboots during build plate heating. I have not changed any settings. Soft ware version is the same and updated. I have tried it with different files even used the older version of cura for slicing to check if the gcode file is ok but still rebooting. I am using USB to transfer files. I changed the USB also to check if something is wrong with USB. One thing I have noticed is the led light on power supply module also blinks when the printer reboots. I am stuck in the middle with my project. Please help. I am attaching the stl file. Part22-Turbine _Shaft_New.stl
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