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  1. Ok, will do that. Thanks for the advice !
  2. What part do you mean by this ? What glue would be best to use to glue the two parts together? (this will be printed with PLA). Are the dimensions drawn in the attached picture correct?
  3. yeah, he is following evening courses on how to make wine...hopefully it works but there is a chance that it won't be drinkable..the future will tell :-)
  4. Yeah that's probably the route we will go..He still has to plant the first plants though..so will still be a while before there will be any wine..:p
  5. I suspected something along the lines..but wanted to ask just in case..Thanks for the info!
  6. A friend of mine is planning to make a homemade wine and needs a bottle(s) to hold it. He is interested in a custom shape for the bottle and asked me if I could come up with something. My question is, is there some type of material (or maybe process) that I can use to safely store the wine? Thanks in advance
  7. Hey geert, thanks for the extensive info..i'll give those variables a try as soon as i find some time..Cheers
  8. I am in the proces of constructing the supports. I measured from the model you supplied that the supports are .7mm apart. I made a mistake which caused the distance between 2 rows of supports to be .8mm. Does this matter or is this still ok?
  9. yeah 🙂 Thanks for the specific measurements and clarification. I'll make testprints first.
  10. I tried constructing some support for the overhanging parts of my model. I'm thinking that I will remove the middle connecting arm of the outer supports (small supports under the "stoppers") before I print it (see purple arrows in the image). Any other suggestions or concerns you might notice? Edit: Oh my...I scaled your model in netfabb in order to measure it without realising this also scales up the original distance and measurements of the support...the inner support is about 5x too big...argh 3DP_Brause-3-vert.stl
  11. Hey Geert, Thanks for these tips and the .stl. I'll try and construct something similar for my model. Cheers!
  12. Interesting tips, thanks. It would be more important for the text to print good instead of the back of the front panel and "stoppers". I'll search for that feature or if you have info on how to create such support..most welcome :-)
  13. Hey, For my first print I was wondering what the optimal position for my object(small box) would be? Right now it is oriented on it's bottom but there are some problems with the handle of the box and the two stoppers on the side which would need support. Cura also indicates that the letters and number need support but these protrude only 2mm(at max). Do these elements need support? I can also position it on the back of the box instead of the bottom but then it will need alot of support (I suppose) in order for the front panel to print good. What would you advise? Printing on an aquintance's MakerBot Replicator 2 (which as far as i know only takes PLA(?)) box dimensions: 51(width) x 34(height) x 64.2(depth) Some images of the box & .stl attached Thanks, a. 3DP_Brause-1.5-test.stl
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