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  1. Thank you very much for your quick, detailed and long response Gr5, it'll surely be of great help not just for me but for other people with the same kind of issues. So thanks on their behalf too 😉 I'll try what you suggested whenever I have some spare time and will let you know if it worked out, though I get totally lost when it comes down to Gcodes and Marlin stuff, but I'll figure it out and try to do what you recommended.: -lower the absolute max acceleration limit in Marlin. -lower the jerk a 75% more. In response to your answer, I'll try to be as specific
  2. Hello there, I am new to this forum, I have been 3d printing for a few years so far and though I have been reading this forum in the shadows now I registered to try to get some answers. Hope I can keep learning from you and contribute a bit with my little knowledge now that I am registered 😃 Having said this, the problem is: I have been experiencing Y-axis layer shifts on different 3d printers, several Anet E12 and my new Creality CR10-s Pro. Belt tension is ok, iddle pulleys, teethed gears, jerk control both disabled and enable at lower mm/s, smooth carriage movement, and every
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