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  1. Thanks for the info. I've read about putting TPU in ovens since it's hygroscopic but didn't know PVA had the same properties.
  2. Exactly. I'll wait and see how it looks underneath. Hopyfully it hasn't effected the print. Is there a rule of thumb of what you can do when you have a thin wall of PVA like this to stop this from happening?
  3. New day, new challanges. Today when I looked at the print (it's almost finished now) a part of the support structure had been seperated from the rest. Has anyone else ecountered this problem and have a solution? It looks like the support structure eventually sorted itself out and carried on normally from there and won't cause any problems this time. But my gut feeling says this could cause problems in the future. The reason for printing the handle standing is to get the surface finish as good as possbile. We've tried printing it laying but then the layers were clearly visable.
  4. Many thanks, kmanstudios! I'll take a look at the link. You say PVA is a pain to print, do you have any other support materials to recommend?
  5. I see. Thank you! It's not a problem in this particular print but there's a potential that the PVA blobs/strings inteferes with the TPLA material in the future. The PVA could be intertwined in the TPLA if it gets "ejected" from the printer head and lands on the TPLA material wall. I haven't seen this happen yet but it seems likely since theres so many blobs/strings laying about on the glass plate. So if there's a solution to not get these blobs/strings it would be good. But you don't think I have to worry about it?
  6. Only on the PVA. I'll try the PVA brim some time next week and see if it makes it better. But since it creates these blemishes higher up on the handle as well I don't think it'll fix it all.
  7. Hi all, We just got our Ultimaker 5 at the office and it's super exciting! Right now we're trying to print a handle, but we're having some troubles printing with PVA as the support material. The other material in this case is Tough PLA. The print creates these blobs/bulbs and strings (for a lack of a better term) both ejected on the glass plate and on the support structure itself. Since it takes about 2 days to print one handle I figured I should read up on the settings and what could be the cause. So far I've only found that Ultimaker recommends: "When printing PVA in
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