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  1. Sorry for not being clear but left and right are with respect to the picture. So the slot supported by the wall is 0.08mm tighter than the free-floating slot. May not seem like much but its very noticeable when fitting small parts. That would make sense but like I said, the anchored slot was less accurate than the free floating slot, aka it was actually tighter. Seems like sound advice, but are these parameters suitable for every print? Or only for my specific case?
  2. The part I'm printing has two slots with the same width of 1.75mm to loose-fit a piece of PCB (see attached pic). Several prints later, I found that my U3 consistently prints the two slots with different widths, the left one at 1.56mm and right one at 1.64mm. Now I understand that holes and gaps always come out slightly undersized which I can compensate for, but what I don't understand is how two exactly the same gaps can print out differently. Why is this happening, and how can I identify when this will happen in the future? Thanks! Block.stl
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