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  1. Hello, I am printing a box with a large surface with transparent PLA from ultimaker. By letting cura chose the default parameters, I am getting some warping or the material is not sticking properly to the heated bed. One thing that I did was to increase the temperature of the bed from 60 to 65 and this helped a bit. Next, I thought a Raft would help and indeed its first layer was flawless. Although, I actually don't need a Raft but the configuration of its first layer. How can I configure cura so it prints the first layer (thinkness, speed, temperature) like it did for the Raft?
  2. I have received support from UM and the suggestion was to install the "test version" I think it is called, but the printer was never able to install it. Therefore, he suggested to use cura rather than simplify 3d which is what I was using. Apparently, there is an issue with the software: https://forum.simplify3d.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=13030&sid=9feb4e457d54382ab39434adb1acbc3f
  3. I upgraded the latest firmware version on the UM3 (05.02.). Now when I want to print something from the USB, it lists all the models but it says loading and when selecting one, it jumps back to the main menu as shown in the attached video. Should I do a factory reset? Thank you. 20190329_094747.zip
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