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  1. Thanks for the information @smartavionics! So is this behavior automatically added once the gcode is compiled and unable to be turned off? Would downloading a previous version be the only way?
  2. So I'm trying to figure out which setting might be causing this, but can't seem to find it. After updating to a new Cura version, I started noticing my extruder moving to the same starting position every new layer. What I mean: After a layer is finished printing, regardless of where it finishes it always goes back to the same place on the print; due to sometimes long travel distances to get there and certain retraction settings, this is causing that certain location to have less material. What I had: The new layer used to start printing right where the previous layer finished, regardless of its position. I assume it's doing this to increase print quality and/or the look of the piece, but I'd rather have it back the way it was. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (I'm using CURA 4.0, and can upload settings if needed) Thanks.
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