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  1. Hello, I printed 2 objects, but they fail. I used layer height 0.3 and infill 10% for the first image which is print raft, but on the opposite side print flat. I used layer height 0.15 and infill 20% for the second image, the printer seems get lost, but when I print next one with same program, it seems print good. So I just wandering anyone can tell me what is the reason could be cause those problem? Thank you
  2. Hello, Is it possible to select first layer height 0.06, after that change layer height to 0.2. Because I only need face looks nice and beauty, after could be rough. If possible use 2 different layer height to 1 object, how to operate in the cura software? Thanks
  3. Hello, I print an object size: 180.0 x 118.0 x 6.9mm, but it takes 7h15min, is too long. In the cura sofeware shows print speed 70mm/s,Travel Jerk: 50mm/s. How can I increase the speed to print an object? which speed should I change? (infill speed, wall speed, outer wall speed or inner wall speed...........) Thanks
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