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  1. Ahoeben, Thank you for all the time and effort that you have put into this. It has been very educational and I’m very appreciative. For now, I’ll stick with what I have and look into updating the marlin firmware at a latter date.
  2. Tinkergnome, The purpose of the Post Processing option "Display filename and layer on LCD" is to do exactly that. On the LCD screen where the filename of the object being printed is shown, this setting should then display the filename and the layer currently being printed. My understanding is that you could put any text you want in the "text to display" field i.e. Merry Christmas, Happy Printing, Be Happy! and that would appear on the LCD instead of your filename currently being printed. In the Post Processing there are also several other options such as "Pause at height", "Filament change", etc. What I am trying to achieve is to learn why the post processing options do not work for me.
  3. Ahoeben, Sorry about the misunderstanding, I've attached the gcode file for the smallest thing I could find. I hope this is what you wanted. Also I still have the post processing script as displayed in my previous screen shot. WDI3P_TARDIS_lamp_shade.gcode
  4. I assume you wanted to see the start G-Code? So I've attached a copy noting that there was no change to the code after initiating the Post Processing Display filename and layer. I've also included a screenshot showing the text that I entered in the "text to display:" field. Again, I'm wondering if the problem might be the format of the text ie., does the text need to include colons, semicolons, quotation marks or some other specific format. Cura 4.0 Start G-CODE.pdf
  5. Hello Ahoeben, I have always used an SD card due to the distance to my printer.
  6. Ahoeben, Thanks for your response. I tried your suggestion to leave the “enter text to display” field empty however, the LCD continues to display the filename of the print.
  7. In Post Processing, for Display Filename and Layer, what text do I enter to make this work? I’m using Windows 10, Cura 4.0 and my printer is a Powespec (Wanhao) I3 Duplicator Plus. I’ve tried several versions of things like “Filename, Layer#” but nothing works.
  8. Good news! I fixed it (Note: I said I FIXED it, not SOLVED it)! I continued dabbling with settings and decided that just maybe that was the problem. So I looked at any settings that had a value that was different than the profile, then I restored all of them to the value of the profile. I have no idea which setting or combination of settings was causing the problem. But I now have full control of the infill options and the Gradual Infill Step effect has gone away which, strangely I had never turned on in the first place. What I’ve learned from this is: If you can’t skate stay off the ice!
  9. I’ve been using Ultimaker Cura 4.0 since it was recently released and I’ve been very pleased with it. However, somewhere along the line, I seem to have “accidentally?” turned on the Gradual Infill Steps option and I don’t know how to turn it off! I can see the option in Settings Visibility and whether I check the box or not, the option will not show in the either the Recommended or Custom print settings. I’ve been searching the Community Blog and elsewhere and can’t find any answer. I suspect that it is some kind of weird density, line count, pattern or whatever settings causing this. Please help if you can!
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