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  1. Quick follow-up. This bellows doesn't move very often so I am thinking of using PETG as a backup, at 0.08 or 0.12 layer height with spiralize. I don't know how long it would last but it might be worth a shot.
  2. I'm trying to print a small bellows. OD is about 20mm. It needs to allow articulation so I'm printing in TPU from a CURA slice with Spiralize. The bellows part of it works terrific but I can't get the top of it to complete. I have only tried without support, to this point. I could print this in PLA and get 10 good parts out of 10. It seems like this could be a case of a poor choice of gemetry. I can modify the nozzle portion of this part but I thought I'd ask the group first. I'm using an off-brand of filament (3d Sigma) that I have left over from another project
  3. Thank you for the help, burtoogle. 🙂 I'm pretty confident the problem is with the font. A different font solved the problem. I thought it might be Cura, since it slices fine with Slic3r. I can see the errors you indicate. Thanks for showing me this technique. I will play with the mesh and see if I can get this font working. Cura is awesome. I really appreciate this tool. Thanks to all who have worked on it. I've only sliced a few dozen things and already love it, compared to my old slicer. I don't see a way to mark this "SOLVED
  4. I've attached a sample of the problem. This object displays properly in Cura but the text is gone from the preview after slicing. DiskTest v0.01.obj
  5. I should mention I'm using Manjaro Linux. Kernel 4.19.42.
  6. I'm using FreeCad v0.18 and Cura 4.0.0. These tools are new to me. I have a simple model that I want to emboss text onto. Cura displays the text but does not slice it. Slicing height is 0.15 so I set the text height at 0.45 but it still ignores it. The text size is pretty large and I've tried increasing the size and the height to ridiculous proportions. I haven't been able to get MeshLab working to examine the mesh but I will continue working on it. Still, Cura displays the mesh when I open the .obj (alias mesh) in Cura. The text looks perfect. When I
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