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  1. Stuck 250 to test it, and it worked fine. I'll probably put something lower in, but anything close to your x and y speed should work.
  2. That fixed it. Knew it was something simple, but I had no idea of what. Thanks for the help.
  3. It comes to a complete stop for 5 - 10 seconds before moving again. It is a small circular print, nothing real complex. Watching the terminal, you can see numerous temp entries coming in before the ok from the last executed instruction. I'll try again tomorow and copy the terminal output when it comes to a stop. The attached gcode is a bed level test, Straight lines, nothing complex. It stops numerous times on each layer while printing this. PI3_prueba_nivelacion_cama.gcode
  4. Having similar problems, except it pausing multiple times on the same layer, it stops after the skirt, and after each individual part layer is finished. Just ran an stl sliced with 4.0 and it prints fine. Sliced with a PC and running thru Octopi. PI3_moat.gcode
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