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  1. Hi, I am getting the same error. It only started happening one on of our S5 pritners, and only after about 1yr of use. I am now getting an "error while processing. Line nr = xxx" once every 2 or 3 prints. Things I've tried: - reformatting USB stick. - upgrading S5 firmware. - different USB stick. - re-slicing. - upgrading/reinstalling cura. This is critical for us as we are not allowed to put these devices on our hospital wifi networks.
  2. Please can someone help get Cura working on the raise 3D pro2?! We need a single slicer that works across all our printers. Ideamaker is not that. If Cura cant we will have to abandon it also. For the same settings ideamaker takes roughly double the print time than cura (bad travel move choices), creates supports that fall down, and has far fewer advanced options.
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