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  1. I haven't updated in a while, but it could easily have been 4.x All I know is I used the update menu option on the printer. I also don't use any plugins.
  2. I'm having exactly the same problem. I did a couple of prints this morning and decided to update the firmware. Now on 5.2.11. To be on the safe side I did a single auto-level then went to print the same object (a very simple disc with two holes in it). It did its usual little pile absolutely fine - but then nothing. The nozzle was touching the glass plate and nothing was coming out (because the nozzle was being blocked by the plate). I've tried several attempts at auto-levelling since, with the same effect. Something is very wrong. I've also noticed that the progress bar on the base-heating and nozzle-heating doesn't work any more (although they're both heating up as expected). Unfortunately, I don't know what the previous firmware version was, but I need to go back to it as a matter of urgency - is there a mechanism for reverting to my previous version? This is on an Ultimaker 3.
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