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  1. Hello, thanks to everybody who tried to help me. Yes, heat break is the correct key word. The answer was quite simple with the benefit of hindsight. In the beginning I was impatient and switched the "preheat" to often on while trying out things. That was the first block. Then I didn't respect the need of a space between the hot-end and the cooling. The more I tried the firmer I screwed the hot-end against the cooling. So the filament became warm in a part with many retractions and blocked. Every attempt included this error because I wasn't aware of the importance of this gap.
  2. I apologize for this confusion, it was a long night... It is the anycubic 3 d mega. If I should refer to another part of the forum, please let me know. Thanks Dirk
  3. Hello Community, I have an ultimaker 3d mega since 3 months, printed a lot of technical parts and was quite happy with the printer. My problem seems to be a common one but I have tried all solutions I could find, and they didn't help: After about 10 minutes of printing, the filament is blocked within the hotend. For some minute fewer and fewer filament leaves the nozzle until nothing comes out. When I pull the filament out of the hotend, the distal 3 or 4 centimeters seem to be a little bit thicker than the normal filament. Twice I was not able to pull the filament out because it had
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