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  1. I was using Cura 4.2 and tried to import two profiles for my Ender 3: a .gcode file and a .curaproilfe one. Well, according to Cura the importation was successful, but when I go to the profiles dropdown menu, only the default profiles and the ones that I myself created are shown. The recently imported ones are nowhere to be seen. I uninstalled Cura and upgraded to 4.5, but the same thing happens: it keeps not showing the imported profiles. Any advice, please?
  2. Importo un perfil y Cura me dice que ha sido importando exitosamente, pero ahora no lo veo por ningún lado, no está en el dropdown de los perfiles personalizados. Me ha pasado con dos. Uno era un .gcode y otro era un .curaprofile. Por probar si era el Cura que estaba mal, lo desinstalé e instalé el Cura 4.5, pero sigue haciéndome lo mismo ¿Hay algo que estoy haciendo mal? ¿Alguna sugerencia, por favor?
  3. Same here. I've tried everything that comes to mind to get it started with no results. Surprisingly, if I open the Task Manager, there is an instance of Cura.exe running. I've tried to stop it and start againg, but it doesn't work.
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