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  1. Hello!! I am trying to print a rectangular block with ASA, but the part that I printed, is little bit bulged out from the center. I was using glue made from acetone and ASA itself and it successfully removes warping from the outer edge of prints but now this internal expansion or contraction is damaging center part. overall the sharpness and edges are super fine, only problem is i am getting a little valley at center. I hope you can understand the isssue. How can i remove bulge from print. (Assume i am printing a rectangular cube of height: 10mm, length: 160 mm and width: 160 mm
  2. Hello Folks, I was curious if someone had any details or article on ptimized setting for CURA for printing PLA with good accuracy. I mean to ask different settings we have in cura like temeperature. infill, wall thickness and so on.... I can basically print any component, but i want to bring out minor details from print which is important for my component. Thanking you, Siddharth Tilala
  3. Hello dear friends, I was wondering does if Printed component (PLA) have any residual static charge ? if yes, postive or negative? How to remove it? Best Regards, Siddharth Tilala
  4. Dear Friends, I am looking online for the chemical resistance chart for PLA. But for some reason, I found not even a single decent information on this domain. If i would search for Chemical resistance chart for other filament material, i was able track down some pdf for it but not for PLA. Does any one have any source or literature for PLA? Thank You, Best Regards, Siddharth Tilala
  5. Thats really nice trick!! thank you for a nice hack!! it is sustainable and easy way!!
  6. Hello Friends, I was wondering, is it possible to stick few inches of left over PLA filament from old spools to a new fully loaded spool? I dont want to recycle the long pieces of PLA if i can use it effectively. Kind Regards, Siddharth Tilala
  7. Hello!! I saw that i can open multiple component in Cura, also sizes fits together ( no component looks grey in cura) in one bed. does that means it will print properly in reality afterwards? Also how much distance between each component should i keep? I hope you could understand the situation i am talking about. BR, Sid
  8. what should be the distance/gap between the nozzle and the bed plate? should they be almost in contact or should there be any distance?
  9. Hello, I am working with ASA material and was recently printing a basic component with ASA. The bed temperature was 100 Degree C. When the extruder started moving, the material was being extruded and also bed was provided with glue. but all the extruded material never stick to the bed but instead stick to newly extruded material and after a while it formed a small ball like structure around the nozzle. note that i recently cleaned the extruder after removing bowden tube and then i was trying to print this component. Is it possible i may have disturbed calibration or something like
  10. HelLo 3D printer Community, I am facing issue with extrusion of ASA. the extrusion amount is getting too low and it is not extruding almost anything. when i unloaded the material, i saw black tip on the filaments end. so i want to clean the nozzle by heating nozzle and pushing the filament through it. but i dont know how to remove the bowden tube so i can access the filament in hand and then carry on to cleaning the nozzle. can you tell me how to remove bowden tube withoput breaking any component? Thank you, Siddharth Tilala
  11. okay!! thank you so much!! I will give my feed back once the print is over for better information on this thread!!
  12. i am using ASA. what should be better parameter to go with?
  13. if i align it right , it exceed the size that the printer can print. ALSO when i align the component flat, this red shading appears on other parts which are hanging. are the setting in the pic appropriate for the print?
  14. Whether this red shaded portion in given image be printed properly in printer or i need to do something? I dont know what is that error. BR, Siddharth
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