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  1. I'm sorry for posting right under my post, but I can't seem to edit it. I've noticed a curious thing - my 3d print ALWAYS pauses for a split second when starting new layer/line. As in, it starts at A, goes all the way to Z smoothly, but when it reaches A, it pauses for a split second before continuing, resulting in blobs from oozing. It's almost like it reads the gcode line at a time and when it comes to another line it pauses. Any ideas how to fix this? I have a a video here; the "A point" where it started is just up from "E" in creality, near the end of the video you can hear and see a sudden stop and start.
  2. Sadly, PLA behaves the same way. I've raised and leveled the bed again, the issue persists on both ABS and PLA. I'm using a bit of hairspray for better adhesion, and everywhere else it sticks but that corner. What I did notice is that the corner isn't smooth while traveling - it sort of 'staggers' when making the curve. I am not sure what is this or how to solve it. It only happens when it goes counterclockwise from X to Y.
  3. Hello. I'm new to 3d printing, frankly I'm out of ideas and really hoping for some input. I'm trying to print a fairly large model, almost at the maximum of my bed. Prior to printing I've cleaned the bed and leveled it all new, using a piece of printing paper and stopped rising the bed when the corner 'tugged' a bit on the paper. Repeated that three times in clockwise/counterclockwise. Started the print and lo and behold, one of my corners isn't actually round, it looks like it has a 'chamfer. It happens only on the left 'lower' corner - right lower corner works as intended. That presents a variety of issues from not sticking to the plate after a few passes to the angle building up to a blob and continuously rising because it's well, not flat. At all. It's a blob. This is also where my print starts. I'm printing in ABS, Tried different temperatures ranging from 210 to 240, all present the same issue. Speeds from 60 to 30, all present the same issue. It's almost as if it's 'staggering' when turning on that corner. I'm using a CURA slicer, I can attach the profile if there's something people would want to check. My Z seam alignment went from user specified, to random, to sharpest corner, to 'smart hiding'. All of them produce that 'blob' at the beginning, and after a time it builds up to either one big blob or lots of small ones, throwing out all the geometry. I've tried moving my piece a bit to one or the other side, every time is the same. There appears to be a way smaller blob, but a blob nonetheless, on the exact opposite corner. I also tried printing in PLA, with the same result - either lifting of the biggest offender from the bed, or printing on top of the blob. I am using Ender 3X, and I know it's not a product of Ultimaker, but I really tried to identify the problem for the past two days and I'm out of ideas. Any input is appreciated! Thank you for reading.
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