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  1. Hi! I am using UM S5 for my business last 3 months. While the printer, features and overall experience are generally nice, printing results are not. I am not new to FDM printers but can not resolve issues. Most of them are related to print quality, it is modest at best. May be I got spoiled by MakerGear M series, but... Here is the list - suggestion are welcome! 1. PLA (all materials are UM) not great finish, stringing, basically stopped using it 2. ABS - modest layer bonding, poor model strength; periodic non-extruding, not printed areas; top surface is full of strings, cleanable but annoying 3. PVA(dry) - similar non-extruding sometimes, typically at the beginning of the print 4. Nylon(Taulman) - some warping (layer bonding is of course great) Nozzles seem fine, got them cleaned periodically (couple of clogs recently). extruder seems not skipping. additionally is it possible to put alternative printing surface like glass laminated with PEI (want my shiny surface) or garolyte for Nylon ? Thanks!
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