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  1. Hello Community; This is a great idea. In the forum, I sadly couldn't fill all fields because I'm not a company, I am just an individual with an Ultimaker 2+ in my room, a great love for 3D printing and a decient CAD experience (I'm a mechanical engineer)... So, currently in France, I wanted to know if there is any network to help local french hospitals as well ?P Please stay safe all;
  2. Hey Smithy, Thanks a lot for your answer, I will try these settings this weekend and let you know about the result;
  3. Hello makers; I found a bearing in thingiverse that is supposed to be made in one single print, so when I tried to print it with my very recently bought Ultimaker 2+, the parts just fused together, and I wasn't able to have any movement inside the bearing. So I wanted to ask if any of you tried printing parts that are movable together in one print with an Ultimaker 2+ ? Did you succed ? and if you did, what are the settings that you used ?
  4. Yes, I said "yes" to the override message on the printer. I will try to add a new ultimaker 2+ to cura as you said. I hope it will work. Thanks a lot 🙂
  5. Okay, I understand better now, I'm on an UM2+, and when I tried to go to Marlin, it just refused to extrude the material
  6. Thank you for your answer, By visibility settings, I mean for instance the visibility of the nozzle temperature setting. Even if in the options, I turn the setting to be visible, It says that I have to change some other settings to make it visible, and those settings I just don't know where to find.
  7. Hello; Sorry for my late answer. Actually, I called the seller and we found that the the small steel rod was moved during tansportation maybe, so it couldn't actuate the end of stroke switch. I think it should be okay now. I tried two prints on it, and it seems to work. The quality wasn't as good as I expected, I got better prints on the ender 3 that I have at work, but I think it's because I didn't tune the options right ? I tried the Marlin G code, but the machine just refused to extrude any material, so I came back to the UM G code The reason I went to Marlin is to have access to some options like the temperature of the nozzle and of the bed. Do you have any ideas how to activate these options with the UM G code ?
  8. Hey guys; I've been using the older versions of Cura, and they were really fine, but I find these last versions, trying to become smart, are really stupid. Like for example, before, I could just check a parameter and see it in my parameters list, but now, even if if the parameter is check, I can't see it, because I have to change some other parameter that I can't even find, and this makes me really angry. Is there a way to avoid this cura nonsense, or should I switch to another software, like simplify 3D or others ?
  9. Hello again, So I got the video but I don't know how to upload it. Can any body tell me how please ?
  10. Of corse, I can't do that now because I'm not home, but as soon as I get there I will upload that 🙂
  11. Okay. I'll check all that when I get home thie evening. I'll let you know here. Thank you for your answers
  12. You think it's a firmware problem ? not a hardware one ?
  13. Maybe I should try going back to the factory settings and see what happens ?
  14. Yes, I restarted it several times, but it always happens when I ask to change the filament. I don't know if it's a hardware problem, or if I missed something or did it in the wrong way. The funny thing is that it did the bed leveling the first time I turned it on correctly and without any problems
  15. Yes when I move it by hand it moves normally
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