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  1. Hi, I did what you suggested and it is now working fine. I have one other question though. I just noticed that the axes are not in a perfect cross. The one that goes from left to right is not aligned well (see picture). How can this be corrected? Many thanks Marc
  2. I definitely get filament out of the nozzle. Tension of the feeder is in the middle position. Temperature is 210°C changed that to 220°c without result I already replaced the printcore. Problem remained I have to check the printspeed. I assume it's the default one. Keep you posted! Thanks Marc
  3. Hi, I recently bought a UM S5 and am trying to accomplish my first print. I loaded the PVA as spool 2 and the tough PLA as spool 1. Loading the material works for both and I also get solid material pushed through the nozzle when loading. This all according the books. The problem though is that during printing the tough PLA (spool 1) doesn't load anymore. When I abort printing and pull back the filament I see that the filament is worn out by the traction wheel of feeder 1. Does anyone know what causes this?
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