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  1. Where I said that? There is no horizontal arrows in alphabet, "switching Cura <-> Prusa" suppose to mean in both directions. Next time I'll try to report on github, I thought this forum related to Cura.
  2. I guess I forgot how easily offended people are today and after seeing 2 words "switching" and "Prusa" most of them even wouldn't bother to even read the title to the end before turning into "go away!!!" mode. "<->" suppose to be arrows in both ways meaning that I'm switching there and back again depending from model. Maybe I'm already too old for that in my 50-th. For example last one issue are supports to nowhere that cannot be easily removed by support blocking in some models A4_Towel Holder v5.zip
  3. I thought you want to be "the best". But if not - I can understand.
  4. Cura: pro: easily removable supports contra: printing useless things, unfinished circles. For materials with low adhesion like HIPS (Ultrabase plus PvP glue, 105C printing bad) last thing is very annoying. For example for "Extruder base" body in https://a360.co/30W6v03 it prints unfinished circles and additional useless parts near for horizontal holes while Prusa do it properly. Prusa: contra: can't properly set dynamic cooling yet (sometime results worse than expected, sometime it doesn't cooling at all - halloween pumpkin PLA was quite terrible), problems of removing support Hemera left thin fan square nuts v38.zip
  5. For some reason the top of thread is flat while on preview before printing it is normal (symmetrical). First picture during print, second under microscope (bottom on the left), also attached gcode and stl. I've encountered that before, I thought it was problem related to HIPS, after switching to PLA preset everything was fine (it was about half year ago), but now I have it with PLA. What can cause that problem? Flange mono PLA.zip Monofilament v8.zip
  6. It is designed for 0.8 mm nozzle, it suppose to be printed in one line. But unfortunately Cura have no idea what to do with it - with "Spiralize outer contour" it creates only one wall, without it separates roundings. While PrusaSlicer recognizing it and slicing properly. bowl v3.stl
  7. After changes. Lines there from "X" on the left, bottom at the bottom of photo. From left to right pressure advance 0.07 (was great with 0.4 nozzle), 0.035, PA disabled. It seems for 0.8 nozzle I need negative pressure advance?
  8. It works with 20Hz. From what I understood it makes temperature changes smooth: instead of jumping 6 degrees up and down it changes slowly.
  9. By measuring with caliper it is both, slightly more plus slightly less. In extruder. Related to bed. No idea.
  10. Yes, it was hotbed settings. First I checked M307 H0 Heater 0 model: gain 90.0, time constant 700.0, dead time 10.0, max PWM 1.00, calibration voltage 0.0, mode bang-bang, inverted no, frequency default It was default settings. I tried to use PID before but turned it off due to errors with copper plated Volcano (heating it takes too long). after tuning: M307 H0 Heater 0 model: gain 237.8, time constant 782.6, dead time 13.4, max PWM 1.00, calibration voltage 24.3, mode PID, inverted no, frequency default Computed PID parameters for setpoint change: P43.8, I0.427, D411.2 Computed PID parameters for load change: P4 and saved in config-override.g as M307 H0 A282.2 C416.3 D1.6 S1.00 V24.3 B0 That fixed problem, just as good as printed on cold bed. Further tuning PT100 to show proper temperature and tuning H1 show no significant difference. I wonder why it happened at all, some precompensation in Duet?
  11. Yes, silicone heated 600W. So far I tried to change hotend thermistor from Semitec 104GT-2/104NT-4 (96 kOm at room temperature) to PT100 (110 Om) due to it less vulnerable to interference. Results are the same (first thermistor, second PT100) In settings for bed I have only ; Heaters M305 P0 T100000 B4138 R4700 ; set thermistor + ADC parameters for heater 0 M143 H0 S120 ; set temperature limit for heater 0 to 120C Another options was (if it is related to hotend temperature to try copper plated Vocano due to higher inertia and twisted pair as thermistor cable). Not tried yet.
  12. Is it happens through thermistor? I have PT100 also (except it shows room temperature several degrees higher), can it fix it? Also when hotend further from hotbed difference looks the same, it doesn't diminish with height. Maybe I will try with PT100.
  13. Really it is related to hotbed, it is from 30C (failed, unstuck from Ultrabase), 50C and 70. Only I cannot figure how exactly, hotbed powered through SSR MGR-1 D4825 25A DC Control AC DC-AC relay, it works even when I tried to limit control current with 1-5.6 kOm resistor, but print had the same issues. Also I checked power supply on board with multimeter - it is 24.0V when hotbed turned on or not.
  14. I will try today with 0.8, different bad temp etc, but if you think this happens due to bed power consumption - it is powered from 220V through solid state relay.
  15. I did PLA at 0.8 several weeks ago, was disappointed and changed back to 0.4 nozzle. But PLA settings was the same except line width settings, I opened Cura with stl, changed line width to 0.8, saved 3mf and made yet another gcode. It shows the same 17 minutes expected vs 23 minutes with 0.4, however not tested to print it right now yet again. If necessary I will test tomorrow. My 3D printer mechanic is "Anycubic 4Max Pro" (bed moving only up and down), 24V power supply, 400 steps per rotation, 256 microstepping, so most likely it is not related to mechanic. A4_20mm_calibration_cube 0.8 PLA.3mf A4_20mm_calibration_cube 0.8 PLA.gcode
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