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  1. Its an Ender 3 as stated in the Topic! I tried to print with 60°C now instead of 55°C. I also changed the Z-Offset from -1.97 to -2.00 to -2.03 and that did it. Printing the fine and small parts perfectly fine now. But now I got a new Problem. Gonna try to post it in here as well. In the picture you can see the layer shift that appeared after the loud noise. Here in the video you can hear some weird sound throughout the video when the X axis is moving but I have no clue what it is. Then at the End of the video(19.76s) before the layer shift you can hear a lo
  2. Then sorry, for me there still was the red sign under the post, that it still needs to be approved.
  3. Would be nice if this got approved by a moderator! 😄
  4. Hey! So I just fixed my Layer shifting Problem and yet got the next problem. Printing little Circles. I am trying to print this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3371273 I am starting with the bottom part and my Ender 3 cant really get to print the little circles. Instead it looks like the attached picture. Initial Layer Print Speed is: 20mm/s Initial Layer Travel Speed is: 100mm/s Number of Slower Layers is: 2 Also tried to fix it with the new Small Feature Option on Cura, but
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