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  1. Thank you folks! I had no trouble getting the clips off at both ends. Then I manually pushed the broken filament through with some good, just enough to get hold of the bad and pull it out. Back to printing!
  2. The printer at our library had not been used in a while. When I tried to change the color, the filament snapped off inside the tube. Now it goes from the printhead to several inches above the feeder. My question is, how do I get it out? Do I take off the nozzle (while heated) then wait for it to cool and push it backwards with some wire? I really don't want to take the printhead apart to get the teflon tube out. Oh wait, can I put some good filament in behind it? But then will the loading run for too long (it will assume that the tube is empty to begin with) and make the situation worse? If loading more filament to push it forwards is workable, I can just print a couple tiny things until the bad filament has all been pushed through the nozzle. Also, do I need to adjust the feeder gear with the screw? Is that why the filament broke? Whee this is fun [sad face].
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