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  1. Well, that success was short lived... I had this working yesterday, as you can see from my last screenshot above. Since it started working, I have not touched settings or profiles again. Today I open up Cura, load a STL, and check the dropdown list: WTH? The profiles that were available there yesterday (see previous post) are not there today? What gives? Again, nothing was changed or printed since yesterday. In fact after I got it working, I closed Cura until I opened it up again today.
  2. I was able to get mine working as expected by following nyxaria's steps at the end of this thread, which I also documented my own progress. It was a bit of a pain -- not so much the steps themselves, just that they didn't work until I had restarted Cura "enough" times it seems. And it shouldn't be necessary. But at least I got it to the point of being able to select from multiple profiles in the dropdown rather than having to activate them from the Settings dialog. EDIT: LMAO. Scratch that. I just opened up Cura today and now my profile selections that were working yesterday in Cura are no longer there. This is definitely a bug of some kind. I've touched nothing with my settings or profile since I got this working, and now it's no longer working.
  3. Thanks! That helps clarify how Cura resolves the settings it uses, but doesn't really clarify for me how Profile selection got so wonky between versions. Thanks, you were correct in that I did not change the material there -- I've fixed that now. ... This I had already done. Generated a new GUID too. After all this, and restarting Cura, I saw no changes in behavior. I could still only access the currently activated profile from the dropdown, but no others. So I came and drafted a post with screenshots and exposition describing what was happening, but got sidetracked before completing and submitting the post. Then forgot about it among my 173 open Chrome tabs and shutdown for the night. Doh! So I lost my post. I was coming back now to recreate the post and in doing so, opened Cura to grab the screenshots again, when lo and behold I now have my custom profiles for my custom material showing in the dropdown! Yay! No idea what changed. I know I restarted Cura *multiple* times yesterday while trying to make this work, and nothing changed. Now today it works. Weird. I guess chalk that up to some sort of human error on my part that I can't pinpoint, but it just seems like it shouldn't be this hard to get custom materials and profiles working as expected. I'm tech savvy and fine with hacking configuration files once I know which ones need to be hacked (thanks for that) but a lot of end-users won't be. Thanks again for the pointers to get this working!
  4. Is that not what I did here? *typo in the original post, I mean base_0.4 These are the quality files in the resources/quality/creality/base files you referenced at the top of your post. To clarify, I created the following (copied and modified from the base_0.4_PLA_xxx versions in the same folder): base_0.4_PLA+_adaptive.inst.cfg base_0.4_PLA+_low.inst.cfg base_0.4_PLA+_standard.inst.cfg base_0.4_PLA+_super.inst.cfg Did I miss something, like a specific naming convention?
  5. Great find! I'm hoping this might be the solution to a similar issue for me as well. I just posted my question a day or two ago and have not yet received a response, but this seems like it might be the same issue. With 3.6, the custom materials and profiles I created for eSun PLA+ (my preferred filament) were not accessible in 4.4.1 in the dropdown list. I manually recreated the materials and derived new profiles from the generic ones, hoping that would fix it, but still I cannot select profiles in the profile dropdown -- I can only activate the ones I created from the profile management dialog. I've created the PLA+ base files from the Creality base_0.2_PLA_xxx files, but they still don't show up for me in the dropdown. So in the materials folder I copied generic_pla_175.xml.fdm_material to esun_pla_175.xml.fdm_material and edited the metadata section to reflect the brand, material, and even generated a new GUID which I assumed was required. The material shows up in my material list under the eSUN brand as an un-editable generic, which is okay. And I can select custom materials from the top bar based on this new material. But still no new profiles show up in my dropdown, and no generic profiles at all show up in my Preferences dialog -- only the custom ones I had created. I'm so confused! This is a custom profile I had manually created after installing 4.4.1. It is one of 8 custom profiles I've created or imported, but as you see none of the others appear in the dropdown. Here's my preferences dialog showing all 8 custom profiles: Why can't I choose any of those from the drowdown???
  6. So I finally upgraded from 3.6 to 4.4.1 yesterday. I let the installer uninstall 3.6 but preserve my configurations. 4.4.1 installed and recognized my 3.6 settings and custom materials, which were imported fine. So I was happy... until I went to print with a custom material and noticed that all the default profiles I had in 3.6 (Normal, Fine, Course, etc.) were gone. I checked the generic materials and they had default profiles (although renamed and reconfigured as Super, Dynamic, Standard, and Low Quality). So I figured I'd recreated my custom materials by duplicating a generic and modifying it, assuming it would bring over the default quality profiles. Nope, as soon as I customize a material and select it, my profiles list is empty. I created a custom quality profile from duplicating a default PLA profile and I can now see a Custom Profiles section, but still no Default Profiles are shown. So do I now have to create custom profiles for each custom material? That kinda sucks. Am I missing something, is there a bug, or is this the intended behavior? I did save a copy of my user profile Configuration folder for 3.6 (although the original is still intact) and the configurations stored to the installation folder are still there as well, so if I have to recover data I should have it.
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