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  1. As it turned out I simply wasn´ t patient enough. As soon as the buildplate is getting close to the desired temperature (about 2°C below) the nozzle starts heating up as well. This is also the point at which the endtemperature of the nozzle switches from 0°C to the desired 200°C. This is what caused the confusion on my behalf, as I did not expect the end temperature to change at any point. Thanks anyway for helping!
  2. Finally got to try it out and it does exactly what I hoped for. I really start loving your firmware more and more. It´ s also great to see that much support in the community. Big ups to you!
  3. This sounds like a perfect solution. I will try and see how it goes. Thanks again for the help, remind me of the beer if it works!
  4. Even though low temperature printing works great now, I did notice another issue. If I am trying to print with PLA (settings: nozzle 200°C, bed 60°C) only the bed is heating up and if I move the cursor on the nozzle temperature it shows something like 26°C / 0°C. There still is the obvious workaround of setting the nozzle temperature manually but I would be very happy if there´ s a way to solve this properly. @tinkergnome could you help me out once more?
  5. By the way, I also discovered that there is an option to include "virtual endstops". This sounds like a pretty good solution as well, especially as the hardware modification would not be needed anymore. If this means I have to sacrifice a little bit of extra safety I would be fine with it.
  6. Hi everyone! Before I start off: I am working with an UM2+, Cura 4.3.0 on Windows 10 and the tinkergnome UM2+ firmware. I am currently working on a university project. The aim is to convert the regular UM2+ into a printer which can do both regular and bio-printing (bio-printing is in short words the printing of hydrogel in which you can implement cells, so you can print organic material in every desired form). To achieve this I already designed and printed a syringe pump which is driven by more or less the same stepper motor the current extruder is using. This makes it
  7. Hi everyone! First things first: I am working with an Ultimaker 2+, Cura 4.3.0 on Windows 10 and the recommended TinkerGnome Firmware on my printer. This problem needs some help and I would be grateful if you could provide it. As mentioned in the title I recently added a new custom material to my Ultimaker 2+ via the export/edit .txt file/import from SD card method. The idea is to design a material which needs no heating up of either the nozzle or the print bed, as I plugged a selfmade syringe pump to the extruder 1 output in the process of converting the printer into a
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