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  1. I was going to reinstall Cura, but I started with loading the printer. I have 3 and they're similar enough to use same G-Code. So in my config it is Custom Printer. I added printer with same settings as the original, same start and end codes, just different name. Save to SD works now. Possible something got corrupted when I upgraded Cura. I deleted original printer from Preset Printers. Rob
  2. No its just pinned to taskbar. Only Download Folder, Chrome and Cura are up. ( you can see they're underlined)
  3. Hi, Is it me? Can't figure this out. In previous versions of Cura I was able to hit the blue button and gcode was put on SD card. Right now I have to choose Save to File, change from 3MF to G-Code and hit Save. Thanks Rob
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