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  1. Thank you for your tip peggyb . I fixed that with Meshmixer . it helped .
  2. Yes just checked with X-rays view there is hole inside the object. and for the third model you are right . walls are too thin . How can I fix these issues ? can Cura fix these ? I have another question : Does anyone know which format of sd card should be used for CR10s pro ? my sd card sometime shows files sometimes doesn't. I want to reformat sc card . so does not know which format . I use MacBook Pro (Catalina )
  3. Hello , I have been trying to slice an object for 3d printing. but few parts of objects are turned into grey area. even I put support everywhere. object is hollow from inside. does anyone know why its happening here. and how can I resolve it. please help.
  4. Hi, I got Creality CR 10s Pro two weeks ago. I tested last week my first test print it was a good result. Today I changed nozzle into 0.8mm . After changing nozzle I am getting zhome issues. Printer extruder/nozzles goes high like 2/3 inches. doesn't come to the bed level. when I try to reset with levelling mode, z+ z-home doesn't work an doesn't not move -z or +z. I tried manual home by turn off motor. but when it start print extruder goes up again and starts printing in air. please help me
  5. ok. how can I use conical support or gradual support ?
  6. Thanks for your answer AndersK. I will set infill and top thickness to 0 density. I have few more questions regarding support. so I have attached pictures pf my models for that. my base surface of model is very uneven and have embossed pattern on it. Will it need support on bottom?. Also ropes shows a little red spots from lower side. if I put support it shows from bottom to robes. which cost a lot of filament and time. how can I reduce support to save filament and time ? does this another small plate object can be print without support too ?
  7. Hello, I am totally new user of 3d printing , i need to print few large size objects like 500mm x 300 mm. one is cubical box contains embossed design from base and top. i want to print in two parts, only shell, hollow without infill . so can someone please guide me is that possible ? if yess. what layers and shell setting shall I use ? I don't need super detailed. ci am thinking to use 0.6 or 0.8 mm nozzle to save print time too.
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