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  1. Thanks. Solved. The solution was to sent the S5 in to the Distributor. Now it's back with the newest firmware.
  2. Hi SandervG would it be possible to provide a downloadable 5.1.94?
  3. An update here: We managed to establish an ethernet-connection to the S5 The system time on the s5 is 01.January 1970 which might be the reason, that the new firmware fails to verify. Unfortunately the S5 makes no effort to synchronize the time, so all attempts to update continue to fail. Also in the webinterface on the ethernet connected laptop, the firmware is shown as actual one with the update button greyed out. I guess I'd need a step stone firmware that even works in the 1970s. Please help.
  4. Hello community! Eager to start with our newly aquired S5 Bundle, we are unable to update the firmware, thus Material Station and Air Manager are not recognized. So we tried updating the factory firmware ( to 5.4.27 using USB: Firmware file as well as File1 and FIle2 (rootfs-, rootfs- were placed in root dir of usb-stick -> failed to verify WIFI: The Wireless setup is not greyed out, however the Hotspot is never created (it says it "takes a minute", unfortunately after an hour all we
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