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  1. Perfect, I just got my first print to pause and it was at the perfect layers!! Thanks for the assistance!
  2. Thanks! Now a novice question, how do I determine what layer is the proper height? I have searched and found how to enter the value in the post processing, but I can't find anything that shows how to find the layer height.
  3. What am I doing wrong that my Pause At Height will not stop my printer during printing. I tried adding a couple of pauses in a print earlier this week and didn't realize that the post-processing carries over to all prints sliced after this, but none of my prints have executed a pause since I added these. Initially the first pause was set to 4mm and every print since then has been much taller than that limit so it should have paused for each print. It seems pretty straightforward from the videos I've seen setting this up in Cura, so I'm quite perplexed. I'm using and Ender 3 Pro printer an
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