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  1. Hi @ahoeben, you are so right! I went into my model and removed those surfaces so, as you put it, the digital water could flow. All slices great now. I love the way you explained that! Thank you so much!!! So strange that this issue, manifests itself as those layers that look like infill, I would have never guessed the internal faces was the issue! Thanks so much! Jordan
  2. HI Everyone, really need some help here, please and thank you. I have a model I built in sketchup. Solid as solid as I can tell. All the walls are facing the correct way, etc... see attached picture. When I bring into Cura, depending on the orientation of the model, sometimes it shows solid all good (Vertical), and sometimes it inserts a few layers of what looks like infill (Flat). And its NOT an artifact of the display/software, when I look slice by slice, Cura really does think it has to make top and bottom layers with infill in-between! Why is it doing this?? It should be solid! Why does it "read" solid when vertical but not flat? Obviously I don't want to print standing up but you get the idea. Pictures and STL and GCODE attached as well if that helps at all? Thanks ahead of time for any help! Jordan CE3_baseipadholder_pins.gcode baseipadholder_pins.stl
  3. Any chance you could update this for Cura 4.4.1. I loaded it into the scripts folder but when I go into Cura to use it per the above instructions, it doesn't show in the list?
  4. You are AMAZING!!! I have been using Sketchup for years but only recently got a 3D Printer, I never knew about the white/gray walls!!!!! Thank you SOOOO much for sharing!! Slicing looks perfect now! Jordan
  5. Please Please need some help. I am trying to slice my model and for some reason im having a few issues 1. Cura is adding a bottom "plate" where one doesn't seem necessary 2. There is a support grid, then what seems like a full "plate" in the middle of my model where there is not one in CAD. This plate and grid doesn't look like one intended to be "easy to remove" 3. Then the support the rest of the way seems like what I expect, easy to remove after the model is printed. I have attached a few pictures as well as my STL. Note the layer numbers so you can orient yourself What I would like to know 1. Why is there that bottom plate. I turned off all the settings I could find for bottom layers, set to zero, all of that! In the CAD Bottom picture, its clearly its not necessary. 2. Why is there a middle phantom full plate in the middle 3. The "Upper Good Support" is exactly what I expect to see, all the way top to bottom in the model, because it looks easy to remove after its printed... but again there is this middle plate and weird support under that. I think I have played with every setting I could find. Searched the net, everything! Thanks so much for the help!!!! Jordan RadioCharger_r2_mm.stl
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