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  1. The bottom of a vase, bowl, etc when using vase mode isn't ironed when it should be.
  2. Every time you 'Save to File' you need to change the 'Save as type' from gcode to ufp. How do I set ufp as default? I don't see it anywhere in settings.
  3. In the situation I am talking about the wall thickness is 1.2 mm, the line width is set to 0.4 mm, and the number of lines is 3. So the line width should not vary, it should stay at 0.4 mm. If the perfect world what I just said above would be true but thinking about it, I think it does need to vary the line width due to the nature of the STL and how circles are not perfectly round and some places are going to be slightly thinner than others. In Prusa Slicer I can see it can vary the line width when filling out gaps between walls. I can also see some lines from my above
  4. So you are saying because it is 3 line widths instead of 4, that is the issue? Do you know the GitHub issue number, so I can track progress?
  5. From what I can tell of the STL the wall thickness of this hollow cylinder is 1.2 mm which should be able to be divided by 3 with a 0.4 mm nozzle but I keep getting inconsistent extrusion causing a nasty effect on the outside of the print. The picture explains it better than I can. It does this on the same 2 sides of the cylinder regardless of how I have it rotated. I do not believe the cylinder wall thickness is thicker in these areas. I have looked through all the Cura settings and I have only been able to make it worse. Just tried Prusa Slicer and it isn't doing this.
  6. hussainsail2002's solution causes cura to produce an invalid configuration issue and forces you to reset cura to defaults. To fix the Ender 3 disallowed areas issue go to... C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura\resources\definitions Find... creality_ender3.def.json Change (In Notepad++)... "machine_disallowed_areas": { "default_value": [ [[-117.5, 117.5], [-117.5, 108], [117.5, 108], [117.5, 117.5]], [[-117.5, -108], [-117.5, -117.5], [117.5, -117.5], [117.5, -108]] ]}, To...
  7. Same issue as Spandex_Spatula. This is the build area on the Ender 3 with skirt turned off and a fresh default Cura 4.5. Machine settings are the correct 235,235,250.
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