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  1. Dear All, Does anyone know how to save printing parameters in CURA and then print out as e.g. pdf? Is there a way to create report in CURA (e.g. as pdf report) with all parameters selected for the 3D printing? Many thanks indeed. Sam
  2. Is there a way to include such a plug-in in CURA software to initiate such printing nozzle movements? This setting will be beneficial to reduce or prevent stress build-up, and subsequent part deformation in sinter-based FFF parts during post-processing.
  3. Dear All, I would like to print with alternating clockwise/anticlockwise movement of printing nozzle per layer. Does anyone know which parameter in the CURA software needs to be activated and/or adjusted to achieve this kind of nozzle movement? The aim is to reduce or prevent stress build-up in one direction as a result of one-directional movement of the printing head nozzle per layer. Many thanks indeed and have a great day! Sam
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