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  1. Hi Chris, Looks like the firmware update yesterday fixed it somehow. Cheers
  2. When i press the "connect" button the the S5 LCD the button changes to the loading screen for less than half a second then changes back to "connect" without showing the code. Weird thing is the first time i did this (when digital factory was first released) it worked and i was able to add the printer and print over cloud. Thanks
  3. Hi Nallath, Looks like that plugin was the issue. I left two instances of cura open overnight, one with the plugin disabled and that one is working fine but the otherone is using a lot of resources again. Any fix for this at the moment? Cheers
  4. Was not logged in for this one, but have in the past with same issue. Not using octoprint, but do access webcam through cura connect. Ill try disabling the network plugin and see how it goes.
  5. Hi, Ive had this issue on a few version and multiple PC's that Cura seems to keep increasing the resources until its unusable and need to be reopened. I've attached pictures of the task manager of when its first opened and then after about a day. After a few hours its noticibly sluggish. Even after an hour of been open its from from the 0.3% CPU usage to 3%. Any ideas on how to fix this? PC im currently using: i7-6700 32gb ram quadro p4000 gfx card Cheers
  6. Hi, My material usage chart in connect analytics seems to be wrong. Its only displayin two materials (both PLA) but when i hover over one the popup says CFF PA. Its also missing all of the other materials i have used that you can see in the Print job configuration chart. Anyone know of a fix? I have reset my cura connect and still have the same issue. Cheers
  7. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. It was mostly out of curiosity, but i could see if been useful if you wanted to print a multi material or multi colour part and still use PVA support. I agree that with the current nozzle purge routine it will add too much time to a print. Cheers
  8. Sorry if ive missed a post on this, but is there anything in the works to be able to print something using more than two of the filaments from the material station, similar to the prusa MMU?
  9. Also having this issue, trying to spend as little time at work as possible at the moment. So not been able to monitor prints from home as the webcam stops working after 30minutes is a pain!
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