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  1. Hi Framar, Thank you very much for your time and help, this worked perfectly. Really appreciate it. Now I have to pay it forward 🙂
  2. Thanks for the offer Framar. Attached are the models.Pandoras BOX - PB shell-2.STLPandoras BOX - PB inter-1.STLPandoras BOX - PB inner-1.STL
  3. Hi everyone and happy 3D printing, I have attached my project file and a couple photos for reference. I am experimenting with PVA supports and printing tolerances on our S5. One of our designers upstairs whipped together a "Pandora's box" model that features a part inside a part inside a part (1 outer shell and 2 inner parts). The intent was to print all 3 parts using PLA with PVA supports, dissolve, and have a fun little toy at the end. Everything has worked great except for one problem. I cannot figure out how to get the 3rd model to print (the innermost little sp
  4. This morning I installed our backup 0.8 AA core into the other extruder and switched things over appropriately in Cura to resave the model to SD. I am going to try printing through the other feed system to see if it helps.
  5. Hi Framer, thanks for the question. Yes, same print cores on both sides. Yesterday was a good day on the S5 overall - only got the nozzle offset fault twice across dozens of prints throughout the day. Today has been a challenge for a different reason. I have not been able to successfully complete any prints today due to the E58 error occurring mid-print, causing an abortion (no change to model, same PPE head band off SD card). The only way to recover is to power cycle the material station. I tried cleaning the print core with cleaning filament earlier tod
  6. Hi everyone. Sorry if this has already been posted - I did a browse to check first before starting a new post. I recently changed over to printing PETG on our S5. In line with previous experience, before switching over to PETG I did a manual bed level with the S5 using a business card to add +0.2mm to the Z offset for PETG versus PLA. Since making this change, I get a nozzle offset probe failed error ~50% of the time when starting prints. Is this related to the manual bed level I did? Should I have not done the business card and allowed the printer/slicer to compens
  7. Hi everyone. This topic is actually what brought me to make and account and browse the forum today, so I thought I would just add my +1 to this as an end-user concern. I have reached out to our reseller to ask about help with optimizing the start/end g-code to reduce the time and (in my opinion) excessive amount of filament being purged down the sides. I snapped some video to share with the reseller. It goes back and forth between 2 points and purges ~5-6 times at each location.
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