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  1. Thanks. I found it after posting my question, of course. In the current version of Cura, what some people refer to as "Air Gap" is now "Support Z Distance" with separate settings for Top Distance and Bottom Distance. Like many, I struggle to remove supports, especially when using PLA+, and am always looking for ideas. My last struggle was to get a mere 2mm worth of supports off the bottom of a delicate piece, about 4 inches by 3 inches with several small sections that wanted to come off with the supports; the supports were too small to grab hold of with pliars even, and I had to use a sharp s
  2. Where the heck IS the air gap setting! I can’t find it, even by searching, lol.
  3. THIS - this is just precisely exactly what I needed to do today, THANK YOU. I'm talking specifically about using the Mesh Tools extension to separate two parts into two separate stl & gcode files. I can hardly wait to try it tonight on something that failed utterly to print in it's original form. The various 3D model softwares are confusing as heck, as mentioned. For someone just starting out anyway.
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