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  1. I just bought an Ender3 pro. So for I love it. While I was browsing thingiverse I saw something that would go around the screen and had buttons on it. I think that its a way of jogging the printer easily. The controls on the 3 pro are hard to jog with. Does anyone out there know of such a thing? I'll attach a shot from thingiverse.
  2. I bought an xvico also. I've had nothing but trouble with it. I figured it was just me. Finely the mother board went bad. I went down and bought an ender3 pro. I put it together and it worked flawlessly right off the bat. There are tons of parts available, and the support is great. If your tired of pulling your hair out think about. Their almost the same price. I paid $199
  3. Does anyone out there know where I can buy a motherboard for my xvico? I've looked and looked. There must be someone out there that sells replacement parts. I contacted the people that I bought it from (In China) they gave me a web site and its all in Chinese. I told them and am still waiting for a reply. It takes at least a day. Also, does anyone know of a reasonable 3d printer that has good support I've got a cnc router also and it's the same thing with it no support.
  4. Thanks for the info. Now when I try to run the nozzle and the bed together the machine shuts off. The power supply won't handle both. I need a controller to run the bed heater independently from the printer. Got any Ideas? I've attached a pic of the heater.
  5. I've got another rookie question. I bought a bed heater for my printer. I've got it all installed on my xvico. It works, but if I try to run the nozzle heater and the bed at the same time the machine shuts off. either one will run by themselves. It seems that the Chinese power supply isn't strong enough to run both. So, I would like to run the bed heater independently from the printer. I need a controller with a way to set the temp. This thing is 24 volts. I'm attaching a pic of the plate. Can anyone help an old man to find what I need.
  6. I read that to get the print to stick to the glass I needed a bed heater. I bought one from Amazon for my xvico. I got it and my question is. Does it replace the glass, or does it meant to work in concert with the glass. One side of this thing is printed the other side is aluminum, and the same size as the glass. I don't seem to be able to get a print to stick to the glass. I've tried the glue stick, didn't make much difference. I need help.
  7. Another Question, Rookie of course. When I try to print, the filament barely comes out of the nozzle. If I manually push on the filament it will come out. Is there a setting in Cura that regulates the speed of the nozzle? Maybe I'm just not pushing hard enough.
  8. I have a xvico printer. When I try to print the filament doesn't seem to be pushing to the nozzle. I have changed the nozzle and cleaned everything. Is there somewhere In Cura that controls the extrudes speed? I am a real rookie at this. I have a cnc router, but this is completely different. So far I haven't been able to print anything. I' starting to get desperate. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks, that's the best info I've gotten so far. Glad I joined this group.
  10. I've got a rookie question. If you download a file from thingaverse how do you know how big it is? Is it done in cura? I've got a cnc router too, and the sizing is done in the design software. Also in cura, I'm confused. When you get a file off the net is it already sliced, and how do you save it to the sd card? I told you I was a rookie. At least with printers. I'm not bad with the router.
  11. I bought a xvico printer. I am brand new at this. After messing around with for a few days I'm ready to try a print. When I tell it to print the nozzle goes to the bottom left corner. How do I change the home position to the center?
  12. I just got a xvico yesterday. I am an old retired tool and die maker. I have a small cnc router and I'm having fun with it. I thought a 3d printer would be fun so I got a cheap one to learn. Boy, this thing is different from my router. Has anyone used the support? I went to the email address in the book, and it keeps coming back. My printer didn't come with the tube that goes from the run out switch to the exturder. Can anyone tell me what it's called? It did come with a tube about 2 " long, but it won't go down to the nozzle. Any feedback will help.
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