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  1. Incidentally; the Arachne Alpha does not have this problem.
  2. Using 4.8 on macOS 11 Big Sur, after slicing a model, the preview pane is empty. Other details work, like number of layers, also the gcode produced is valid, so it is just a display error. Please advice what you need from me to start investigating. Thank you 🙂
  3. Using Cura 4.8 on macOS 11 Big Sur, I cannot select or interact with objects placed in the software. I can select using CMD A, but then, trying to click the "move" arrows, the selection is undone. Please advice what you need from me to get the investigation underway. Thank you 🙂
  4. I see what you mean. But perhaps take a lesson from Slic3r? Material settings: everything material related, to tackle things like over- or under extrusion , as you said. Printer settings: every setting that is printer related; resonance would be tackled by setting the infill speed, and, of course, the printer would know its own jerk and acceleration settings. And finally; print settings; everything that is not printer or material dependant. Like number of wall lines, infill percentage, things like that. Again, I get what you are saying, I understand it's not as blac
  5. Thank you for your reply and although it makes sense for some of the settings, it most certainly does not make sense for many others. But I'll accept it, and will have to be careful when switching printers. "Cura does not "know" which settings are safe to copy between printers and which are not." Maybe it is time that Cura be taught this 😉 .
  6. I often balance my print jobs over two printers and when switching from one to the other in Cura, all my settings change. How can I prevent that? It is quote annoying to have to recheck every setting, like infill%, number of walls, wall alternating etc just because I switched to a different printer. It's not like those settings are printer dependent, but Cura treats them as such.
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