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  1. Hi Sander. Thanks for your reply! I have checked everything, but there is no filament stuck anywhere...
  2. For some reason I have a problem with my material station on the S5. When it powers up, it starts pulling back bay A. Even when there is nothing in there. It stops with an error saying it cannot unload Bay A. If i insert material by myself when powered down. It will unload it when I turn it on. But after that, I cannot insert material in any other bay. Only bay A gives a white light. The others just won't respond to material inserted into 1 or 2.
  3. Well, a reboot from both the printer and the material station solved it 😂
  4. Correction; the wheels of the material station are not rotating when unloading
  5. I have a Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. Recently I have 2 problems. 1. At the end of the print the printcore moves away. But when he does that, it moves against the top of the print, so it gets pushed away. The result is the glass plate gets pushed out of the mount! It only happens with higher prints. (say, > 50mm height) 2. After the print is done, the filament is unloaded from the core. It gets pushed into the materialstation, but the filamentspools are not rotating backwards. So the filament pushes into the open space in the material station. I can see the wheels of the material station rotate. But the spool doesn't. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Of what I have to do to fix this? Thanks!
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