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  1. 4 hours ago, geert_2 said:

    I don't know your printer, so I have to do a bit of general guessing.


    I think it could be the printer missing steps, but it could also be the object becoming a bit loose and wiggling? Or a defect in the model or slicer-bug?


    First, in Cura (or other slicer) always check the model in Layer-View, to see if this defect is there or not.


    Check if the printer head moves smooth in X- and Y-direction. Movement could be blocked by debris, or lack of lubrication.


    Then, while printing, keep watching closely what happens. You should be able to see the difference between wiggling and skipping.


    While printing, you could also push the head, to see how hard it is to get it to miss steps. If it is very hard to do, this is unlikely to be the problem. If it misses steps at the first touch of your finger, it could very well be the problem.


    Although I don't know your filament, for such small objects, 210°C looks a bit hot for PLA-materials. I would normally do 195...200°C for such models, which should give less stringing. But that could depend on printer and material. Try on the fly to change temp in steps of 5°C, and see what happens.


    Is there anything to lubricate rather than the z axis rod? 

  2. Hi, I'm using ender 3 pro. The filament I'm using is pla+, the printer was doing fine but suddenly there is something wrong. It is printing the top part in the wrong place. Besides, there is so many thread like substances. I have tried leveling the bed several times. But I'm unable to find the problem. My nozzle temp us 210C and bed temperature is 70C. Is my printer missing several steps? Please help me. I have attached the picture of my print. 


  3. Hi, I tried to print pusheen cat which was supposed to be a hollow object. But the printer kept filling inside, so I stopped printing. I was using Ender 3 pro and PLA+ filament. The nozzle temperature was 210 degree Celsius and bed temperature was 70 degree Celsius. The print speed was 30mm/s.  The layer height was set to 0.2mm, the infill was 0% and the maximum resolution was 0.1. I used support, the pattern was zig-zag the support density was 10%. The wall thickness was 0.8mm. Please help me out. 




  4. Hi, I'm new to 3d printing. I use Ender 3 pro. I tried to print this ring with 0% infill, print speed of 30mm/s, resolution of 0.35. The extruder temperature was 210 degree celsius and bed temperature was 70 degree celsius. I'm totally unaware, what actually went wrong. My printer started printing something box like substance. I was using PLA+ filament. Please help to improve this. Thanks in advance.


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