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  1. Why not make the fins thicker where they are connected to the body?
  2. Probably most of us don't understand Russian 😉 Don't think that is the problem/solution... Since the prefix changed, check if the right printer is selected and if the options of that printer are still correct!
  3. Mari

    Ender 3 Max

    What tool were you using to edit? If you get a NO PERMISSION message, make sure you are admin of you OS...
  4. @GregValiant... I'm sure Bill has some free time now... he's spending less time on his wife... 😉 Computers running Windows can never be trusted... If you tell them not to look for update they still do... and restart when they want... I'm very happy with my Raspberry Pi 3b+ running octoprint... (yeah, too lazy to walk to the printer)...
  5. Try by activating "print thin walls" under Shell... if that doesn't work, share the STL-file so we can take a look at it...
  6. Don't forget that if the filename is too long the file will also not appear in the print-menu of the printer! Filenames starting with "_" will also not show up...
  7. Simple answer: stop mining and change it once more... 😉 Maybe complain at nicehash miner for not switching your graphics card back to graphics instead of compute...
  8. No need to shout (posting in captitals = shouting)... yes you should repair your objec, else it can't be sliced...
  9. I think you mean Fluorescent colours... some brands have orange, yellow, green, pink... for these fluorescent colours you don't need another nozzle, because these filaments are not more abrasive then others... When printing with glow in the dark filament it is advised to use a hardened (steel) nozzle because the glow parts in the filament are more abrasive. Orange: Yellow: Green:
  10. Mari

    Ender 3 Max

    ... I did a new search on the forum "creality_ender3.def.json" and found this topic...
  11. Mari

    Ender 3 Max

    Couldn't find one of those topics this fast, but the easiest solution is to use the Ender 3 Pro profile and change the size of the bed and height! Another option is to edit the disallowed areas in the "creality_ender3.def.json"-file...
  12. Mari

    Ender 3 Max

    The difference between Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro is that the safety areas of the Ender 3 are bigger because this printer has a glass bed with clips... nozzle must not hit the clips, therefore the bigger safety areas! There are a few topics on this forum that explain how to change the safety/restricted areas... When I started using Cura it had only a Ender 3 printer, not the Ender 3 Pro... later versions got the Ender 3 Pro and I could make bigger prints! -- I'm going to try to find one of the topics regarding the safety/restricted areas and will report back...
  13. We all make mistakes now and then... 😉 You are right, it must be 300/225/380...
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