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  1. ... make the duplicated profile active... now you probably want to know how to make a profile active 😉 - Duplicate the profile you want to use and change... give it a name... - Select the duplicated profile... (then it is active!) - Make changes... Save them...
  2. No problems loading the STL in Cura 4.7.1 but it is a tiny tiny tiny object... Had to scale it to 200% to see what is was. What program did you use to design this part?
  3. You could share the .STL with us, so we can see what happens (or not) when opening...
  4. Smaller layerheight (0.12 instead of 0.20) will give better quality print, but will take longer to print! You decide how fast to print, default is 50-60mm/s but you can bump it up. How fast depends on what to print! Some things can better be printed slow instead of fast!
  5. No need for BLTouch... I have this printer almost 2 years, in those 2 years I had to level the bed maybe 4 or 5 times (even when it was not needed)...
  6. Take a look in the Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro Facebook Group... it is a soap... people who own their first 3D-printer are giving others advice about bad bed adhesion... buy glass bed, level bed, level the bed again, buy BLTouch, etc. etc. But they forget that whatever bed you use and even when your bed is 1000% level and the nozzle is at the perfect height, the role of material can play a role in good of bad bed adhesion... I had bad bed adhesion 2 days ago, so I did level the bed again like I did before, cleaned the bed, but still no luck in getting a good first layer... Put the role of
  7. ... without seeing the "problem" makes is almost impossible to give advice... No screenshots? You could attach your Cura project-file (3MF) so we can take a look at it!
  8. Did you check your Gcode-files for information about time? ;FLAVOR:Marlin M117 Time Left 0h15m28s - M117 Time Left 0h13m44s ;TIME_ELAPSED:103.393496 ;LAYER:2 - M117 Time Left 0h13m00s ;TIME_ELAPSED:147.288543 ;LAYER:3 Total printing time 15m28s, after 1m43s layer 1 was finished and started with layer 2... Not sure if the TIME ELAPSED is standard in Gcode-file, if not, you can use post-processing script to put Remaining Time on LCD... like I have in all my files
  9. I'm sure we all have updated Cura... I didn't test this option in v4.3 but it works for me in v4.7.x (still not updated to v4.8)
  10. Like @GregValiant said, for the info on the display you have to activate post-processing script... In the following example the remaining time to print is presented on the display When a post-processing script is active you can see that on your Cura screen (icon of the crossed hammer and wrench, when more then 1 script is activated you can see that also...) If you scroll down the Gcode, you will see that a M117-command is added... M117 Time Left 0h36m03s ;TIME_ELAPSED:115.887366
  11. To prevent failure due too moisture in filament I bought myself a Wanhoa Box 2 filament dryer. I throw a new role for a few hours in the dryer and then store the role in a Zip-bag together with a silica gel pack when not in use...
  12. For those who are asking for the files --> https://3dkitbash.com/products/boon-the-tiny-t-rex
  13. You can duplicate the existing profile, give it a other name and make the changes in that new profile...
  14. If you use the magnetic flex mat, put a piece of alu foil in the middle of the bed under the flex mat... to compensate the "dip" in de heated bed! Levelling the bed can be a pain-in-the-*ss, but you have to learn how to do it right! There is a Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro group on Facebook, it seems that the whole world bought a 3D-printer for the holidays and now the all have the same problem: nothing sticks to the bed... 🤕
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