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  1. @Smithy Could you share me how to set Simplify 3D for S5 Pro Bundle. Because the problem is I don't know how the slicer works with material station.
  2. From my last post, I found that the problem's name called 'Bulge/Buldge issue'. They recommend me to use another slicer to slice the file. I would like to know that are there any slicer that support Ultimaker S5 pro bundle. I have tried to use Simplify 3D and it didn't work for me.
  3. From Prusa community, they called this problem 'bulge/buldge issue'. https://help.prusa3d.com/en/article/the-benchy-hull-line_124745#_ga=2.128636812.1815477536.1600838472-2105253675.1599027312 This is how they solve it. I would like to know how Ultimaker solve this too.
  4. I try to print this model with layer height 0.15 mm. and check the outer before inner wall feature too. And these are what I got. As the images, the layers are shift.
  5. @SandervG Yes, I have. It still has a line on the shell. Sample 60 is profile 'Normal' which means its layer height is 0.15 mm. Sample 61 is 'Extra Fine' and its layer height is 0.06 mm.
  6. I tried to test my work with a lot of parameters. It seemed like wall thickness and wall count are the key of this problem. But it wasn't. From the attached image, I printed sample 55 by using 'Fast' profile and changed wall thickness to 0.2 mm. 1 wall count. It looked very good. Sample 56 was the same but I changed wall thickness to 0.4 mm. The result was as similar as sample 55. And it was worse again at sample 57 because I changed wall count to 2 with the same wall thickness 0.4 mm. The problem came back. So I decided to print my work full-scale with wall thickness 0.2 mm. and 1 wall count. The problem came back. I have no idea what to do next.
  7. @SandervG Here is my file. Thank for all the suggestions. I'll try to experiment it soon. coaster holder_Fast0.2.3mf
  8. I use Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle, generic PLA, natural PVA with a 'Fast' print profile for this work. As you can see, there are some crack on the shell. This happened 2 out of 4 times. How can I fix this problem.
  9. I use Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle, generic PLA with a 'Fast' print profile for this work. Instead of a straight wall creates a step, This step seem to correlate with the model's bottom. How can I fix the problem.
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