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  1. i am actually investigating in that direction right now. i have an auto level sensor but unfortunately i found out it is not mapping the bed correctly. in the very center of the bed it is the correct distance away but as soon as you go a bit off center it thinks it needs to go closer to the bed or further away than it actually needs to. so i am looking into that. and turned off the auto level and tried leveling it manually and that gave me mixed results but it is getting better. now i have layer delamination though. so something isnt right. i will update this post as soon as i found the solution for everything.
  2. now with only 3 bottom layers the whole "friskiness" isnt showing up as high any more as it was before. that means it has to do with too much filament being there in the first couple layers with nowhere to go. but i tried printing it with 95 % flow. and it still did the frisky stuff. so what can i do to stop it from happening?
  3. i dont have teflon in my hot end. so i dont think it has to do with that. i just started a new print and the fan is going at 50% and doesnt wait till i reach 100. so i dont think that is causing an issue either. i try printing with only 3 bottom layers now, so i will get to the part with the infill quicker... i will post an update as soon as i can see a result.
  4. Lately i printed a lot with PETG and havent printed with PLA in a while. for a new project i picked up a new spool of PLA. its the amazon basics brand gold colored PLA. i think it prints quite well, except for the first couple layers. they are very frisky like there is way too much filament. it looks like as soon as it prints with infill instead of solid for the bottom layers its fine. i tried changing a lot of settings. here are the settings: Nozzle temp.: 190-215 (i tried changing it without different results) heatbed temp.: 55-65 (same thing. i tried varying the temperature) line width 0.3-0.5 (different line widths didnt change anything) infill: 40% layer height: 0.12 Flow: 100-113 (varying didnt change the results) initial layer flow: 100-115 (same thing) print speed: 20 mm/s i am printing on a heavily modified anet a8. its got a metall frame and auto leveling sensor with bowden extruder. if you need any other information please tell me. this bugs me and i really hope to get it solved. i hope the pictures show clear what the issue is.
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