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  1. I have a related question: Suppose in my Ender3 I set M221 S85 in the cura machine code, to set the flow rate to 85%, then use the hand wheel on the printer to select "Tune" and then "Flow" and reset it from 85% to, say, 95%, then what flow rate do I wind up with, 95%, or .85 x .95 = .8075 ~ 81%? Note: And, does it matter if I print via USB or if I use an SD chip to carry the cura-generated code to the printer port? I have been ass-uming that I would get 95%, an increase of flow rate (which is reflected in the printer setting in the tune/flow menu), but now I wonder if it would actually decrease due to the potential multiplication of the two numbers. I guess this is more an Ender3 question than Cura, but I think it is relevant to the original question starting this thread. What say you?
  2. I also would like to know the Z-Axis height, especially with the implement of Adaptive Layers, which makes even using a calculator makes it impossible to know.
  3. I realize I am talking about a different issue. I apologize for not starting a new thread and hijacking this one. Chuck Sterling
  4. I have a Creality Ender 3 and am currently using Cura 4.7.0, typically using 60mm/sec base speed. I became aware of a resonance between x and y when printing diagonal lines across larg-ish areas, for example when building a floor, or when using 100% infill with lines. The resonance is not steady; it comes and goes over a few lines, then there is an area with little resonance covering perhaps four or five times of lines. The resonance can start and end during a line, not only at their starting or ending points. I noticed the issue with 4.6, but did not look for it before then, and have not checked earlier versions, having started with 4.0 or 4.1 early in 2019. My question is: Does this situation appear to be similar to the one this thread addresses, or is it likely a separate issue? Obviously a different issue. I have deleted my later posts to the extent I can. Sorry for hijacking this thread. Best regards, Chuck Sterling
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