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  1. During startup, it seems like message that shows up the longest is about Cura "loading machines". Is this the process of loading profiles for every 3D printer in the database, or are the "machines" something different? If the former, it would be nice if you could choose which machine(s) it loads so that you only have to wait while the machine(s) you care about are loaded.
  2. This seems like a simple request. How do I go about making this suggestion in a way that is more visible/productive?
  3. Good point, @csterlin! I haven't used Adaptive Layers yet, but that would certainly make calculating height manually impossible.
  4. I wanted to repost this since it never received a response and I think this would be a very useful and simple to implement addition for a future version of Cura. Many time I want to be sure that the Z-height of my part is printed as designed. Currently, to verify that I would have to calculate BOTTOM LAYER HEIGHT + (n-2)*LAYER HEIGHT + TOP LAYER HEIGHT, usually tweaking either the layer height or the top layer height so that my total height equals the intended height. Having the layer slider on the right show not only the layer number but also the cumulative height would save time.
  5. Every layer is adjacent to the one below it (except for the first layer) and the one above it. Maybe a better term would have been “sequential”.
  6. Random can give repeats. It’s probably just because that’s the way random numbers work.
  7. Great idea. You should write a plugin for that. 😉
  8. would you be able to develop a gcode file that could step the printer through different frequencies that we could run to help determine our specific printer’s resonance? It could display the frequency on the screen at each step change.
  9. Under “Shell” there is a setting called “Hole Horizontal Expansion” that can do exactly what you are looking for.
  10. Since you can set a gap distance from the part to the brim, it seems like skirt controls could just be eliminated. This would streamline the settings some, and I would assume it would clean up the code as well? Is there any reason to keep skirt?
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