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  1. Yes, I was confused because I thought you were referring to the blue layer, I couldn't see the infill in the walls (crap eyes).
  2. You have done "sudo apt-get install libgles-dev" haven't you? I can't think of anything else that would cause a problem.
  3. Hello @flyhh, it's just the normal Buster (aka debian 10). What happens when you try to run the image?
  4. Perhaps. This often happens if the bottom of the model is not completely flat. Try sinking the model into the buildplate slightly by setting its z value slightly negative.
  5. Have you tried using the max comb distance with no retract setting?
  6. That's a good point. I don't think I mention that in my README so I'll add a comment. Personally, I keep all of my configuration files in a git repo and every now and again I make a snapshot so I can recover if anything gets trashed. I have had to rewind a few times due to upstream changes causing breakage but that's the price to pay for living on the edge....
  7. Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question but in that regard, my releases should be the same as the recent UM releases. So if it is true for them, it will also be true for my releases.
  8. Hello, There's an experimental setting that turns it on, it has the normal help blurb if you hover your mouse over the setting. Just have a play with it, it's not tricky. It doesn't replace anything (other than one of my previous releases), my releases can live alongside the UM releases. I don't see why not. Yes. But for the PI 4 you need the armhf appimage, not the windows exe. With the appimage, once you have downloaded it onto the PI, make it executable by typing in a terminal chmod +x FILE, where FILE is the name of the AppImage file you downloaded. You should then be able to execute that AppImage from the command line or clicking on it. In a terminal window type the following to download and install it: sudo apt-get install libgles-dev Hope this helps, have fun!
  9. "Watertightness" doesn't require the model to be completely solid, you are allowed to have holes. What it does require is that all the surfaces join up with no gaps. It should be possible to fill the internal volume of the model with liquid without it leaking out between the model's polygons.
  10. Completely sub-conscious. I'm not sure that a single finger is considered that offensive in the UK, we've always preferred the two-finger version.
  11. Thanks, this is what cura mesh tools says about it... You need to fix the model in the region where those pins are.
  12. The most likely reason is that the model is not valid. Could you please attach the stl file to this thread?
  13. Hi, my Cura builds are based on the most recent code from UM and you can install my builds alongside the UM releases. If you are interested you can find them at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AAADdYdSu9iwcKa0Knqgurm4a?dl=0 Please read the README.md file there before using.
  14. Hi, I have built for Linux and Windows 64 bit, will do the MacOS release tomorrow.
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