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  1. You were spot on with this. When I switched over to the new version and I manually entered my printer specs, I completely overlooked the filament size. It defaulted to 2.85 instead of 1.75. I changed it to 1.75 and the part printed perfectly. Thank you!
  2. I have a QID X-Smart, which is a single extruding 3D printer with a bed size of 170mm x 150mm x 150mm. Originally, I was using the QIDI slicer that came with the printer, but I eventually switched over to using Cura. The QIDI printers are not in the listed compatible printers with Cura, so I made a custom printer to fit the one I have. I had version 4.7 installed and all my prints came out perfect. However, I just updated to version 4.8, and I can’t seem to get a successful model anymore. In the attached pictures, you will first see a Cura model showing how the part I printed should come
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