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  1. Okay, I created this issue with attached configuration folder: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/8907
  2. Okay. Thanks for checking the logs. I think I can share my configuration folder. But is it safe? My configuration folder probably contains passwords for my ultimaker account and "Octoprint connection" plugin. What should I do to make sure that my passwords in any form (open, hashed or somewhere cached) will not leak?
  3. Sure, here are log files. cura.log was recorded during: 1. Starting Cura. 2. Me writing a new value to some setting. 3. Closing Cura. 4. Starting Cura and me seeing that the setting is different from what it was. cura.log stderr.log stdout.log
  4. Hello everyone! I have a problem with profiles in Cura. Cura settings are jumping back and forth between restarts. Also it seems like they are switched as groups to previously seen values like Cura under the hood actually switches quality profiles or quality changes, though on the surface Cura shows that this is still the same profile. Normally Cura should maintain settings, not switch them randomly at restarts. Here is a video where I restart Cura a few times and settings switched back and forth. My current Cura version 4.8. I don't remember when exactly the problem started to happen, maybe since version ~4.3-4.7. I haven't printed much since, waiting for the problem to be fixed with the each next release. I also tried turning off all non-bundled plugins (including plugins related to profiles), but the problem is still happening. I suppose my profiles might be corrupted. Do you have an idea what might be wrong with my profiles and how can I fix it? If possible, I would rather not create all my quality profiles and material profiles setting by setting from scratch... But I don't mind deleting some files in configuration folder or replacing a string or two in each profile file. Thank you kindly for reading this long post.
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