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  1. > Let's see if pinging @FormerLurker works. It always does 🙂 > The ArcWelder command returning an exit status of -11 means it encountered a "Segmentation vault" I've actually never received a segfault report for ArcWelder before. However, I see in the log this is being generated from OSX, and I've never run on that OS before (I don't have access to it at all). However, perhaps it could be executed from the command line with the following parameter: --log-level=DEBUG That should give me an idea where it is crashing at least. The console output
  2. Fyi @ahoeben, some issues with the binaries you are using have been discovered: 1. In some cases depending on the gcode precision, both I and J can be rounded to 0, which will cause a 'bad parameters' reply from the printer. If running from Octoprint, this will disconnect the user unfortunately 😞 In these cases the radius is so small that simply skipping the command would be fine. In every case I've seen the distance traveled was right around 0.001mm, but due to the disconnect this needed immediate correction. 2. This should not really affect the cura plugin, but in some cases the 'dy
  3. Updating this to note that the issues pointed out by @cuq have been resolved. I moved some code around to support counting of arcs aborted due to the firmware compensation, but missed a step. In my haste I just replaced the 1.0.0 release (though in the future I will update the version number appropriately, but have been putting out forest fires recently and breaking my own rules). The new artifacts are available in the 1.0.0 release. There still could be some small glitches with the firmware compensation. Testing that more completely now. @cuq has suggested that a default of 14 for min
  4. @cuq, either works. One is shorthand, the other is a bit more verbose. This is a standard feature of the command line parameter library I am using.
  5. So, I made an executive decision and renamed allow---z-axis-changes to --allow-3d-arcs. I figure that's easier to understand, and better to do it now than later. The artifacts should be rebuilding as we speak. Also, there is no raspberry pi console app in case anyone is wondering. I can build one, but still working to get a self hosted runner so that it's automatic.
  6. @Cuq, it looks old because I haven't updated the master branch. Find the most recent artifacts here. You can see which branch they are associated with on the right. Find 'ArcWelder' or 'ArcWelder.exe' in the bin folder of the zip and run with the --help flag for documentation. Let me know how it goes!
  7. I can't seem to edit my post yet, but here is a correction to the firmware compensation parameters: --mm-per-arc-segment=1 --min-arc-segments=12 I had a dash where it should have been an equal sign.
  8. So, I wanted to mention two changes to Arc Welder: 1. Vase Mode (3D arcs) seems to be working well so far. I've printed several, and haven't had any issues However, I'd still love to have a few testers if anyone is interested. Here is a link to the original feature request. 2. I added two new settings that enable Firmware Compensation for printers that do not have all of the goodies in Marlin 2, like MIN_ARC_SEGMENTS. Typically these printers have only one real arc interpolation adjustment: MM_PER_ARC_SEGMENT, which is typically set to 1mm. This is producing the flat edg
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