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  1. ahoeben

    Custom Supports Plugin

    Try it, and you'll know. It is pretty much the same as the Support Blocker, in that it lets you add "cubes" to the model. But these cubes are printed as support. It shares all the quirks of placing Support Blocker cubes. On small parts it is also easy to end up with support material on top of the model (where it will not do any good).
  2. ahoeben

    stuck on User Agreement

    I'm not sure, but aren't you confusing setting_verion and version? VersionUpgrade32to33 sets the version to 6. Either way, that should not result in a crash after the license agreement window showing up, and if it did it would show in the logs. As is, the logs don't show the actual crash, which suggests to me that the crash happens "outside of" Cura. A common culprit in that sort of crashes is the GPU driver. @crash007, you specify a driver version, but not what Intel GPU you have (HD Graphics refers to a family of GPUs). Have you tried updating the Intel driver?
  3. ahoeben

    stuck on User Agreement

    There's a log in C:\Users\[you]\AppData\Roaming\Cura\3.4.1. Please upload it somewhere and post a link here.
  4. ahoeben

    Linear Advance

    Note that the gcode snippet you quoted only works if you install this plugin: https://github.com/fieldOfView/LinearAdvanceSettingPlugin
  5. ahoeben

    Gcode 3.4.1

    Make sure your startgcode contains the literal strings “{material_print_temperature}” and “{material_bed_temperature}”, even if it is in a comment. Cura will see this as a preheating sequence, and won’t add one of its own.
  6. ahoeben

    [ Cura 3.5 ] Octoprint plugin

    What distribution of Cura do you use? The PPA? Note that that is not supported by Ultimaker. Have you tried the AppImage?
  7. ahoeben

    [ Cura 3.5 ] Octoprint plugin

    I have no idea how that could happen (PostProcessing too? That plugin ships with Cura!). @ianpaschal?
  8. ahoeben

    [ Cura 3.5 ] Octoprint plugin

    What remains grey exactly? Please be a little more descriptive so I can help.
  9. ahoeben

    Ultimaker UM2+ faulty printing from Cura

    I would argue that Marlin gcode flavor is the better option regardless of whether you print over usb or sd, but if you want to print over usb it is the only option. In my opinion UltiGcode was an interesting idea at the time, but it did not really stand the test pf time.
  10. ahoeben

    Ultimaker UM2+ faulty printing from Cura

    It is the correct setting *if you want to print over USB*.
  11. You get full control over all material properties in Cura, instead of having some in Cura and some on the printer.
  12. ahoeben

    extension working in 3.2 not working in 3.3

    A lot changed between Cura 3.2 and Cura 3.3: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/compare/3.2...3.3#diff-1ffa6abbfcca423f5309011d0cce73ee Specifically for your plugin, moveHead (and other jogging functionality) was moved from the outputdevice to a "controller". Best you can do is look again at the Ultimaker BedLevelMachineAction and see how it has changed. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/blob/3.3/plugins/UltimakerMachineActions/BedLevelMachineAction.py So for example, instead of calling moveHead on printer_output_devices[0] you have to call it on printer_output_devices[0].activePrinter. There may be other changes required. Making plugins requires ongoing work to keep up with changes in Cura.
  13. If you want to do printing over USB with a UM2Go, make sure you set the GCode flavor to "Marlin" instead of "Ultimaker 2". This can be found in Machine Settings.
  14. ahoeben

    Cura 3.3 skirt question

    Looks like the bottom is not flat.
  15. ahoeben

    Gcode 3.4.1

    Because you use old, deprecated replacement patterns. Use “material_bed_temperature” instead of “print_bed_temperature”, and “material_print_temperature” instead of “print_temperature”.

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