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  1. Let me add my own perspective from writing plugins. Basically anything is possible, but it is not all very easy. To get started, I would recommend to take it one step at a time. First implement what you want to do using an "extension plugin": https://github.com/Ultimaker/UraniumExampleExtensionPlugin Instead of having your buttons on the main screen like that, you can make a window that contains the buttons (which can be accessed via the Extensions menu).
  2. The structures printed for the Custom Supports plugin use the same settings as normal supports.
  3. You can also try to increase the "Support Join Distance". Alternatively you can try the "Support Horizontal Expansion", but that would give you more support everywhere.
  4. Cura 4.2.1 can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/releases/tag/4.2.1
  5. Ultimaker Cura versions 2.1 and up don't have a COM port selection in Machine Settings. The (very old by now) Cura 15.04 does have it. The Lulzbot Edition of Cura (Cura LE) also has it.
  6. Have you tried lowering the "minimum support area" setting to 0?
  7. Anything is possible in theory. But no, not easily. Also, I would not start hacking away at that plugin to get to know Cura; it does some pretty aweful tricks.
  8. No, there is not. That is something that is still missing in Cura. Perhaps I'll one day make a plugin that lets you do this. For now, editing the profile in a text editor is the only way.
  9. Do not get your hopes up, even if there is an open issue for it. The UM3, S5 and S3 are not designed to be used with an external print-host. They have a print-host built in that basically replaces OctoPrint, but is not open source so there will not likely be any plugins that add to or change its functionality. The API exposed by the print host of the UM3/S5/S3 does not support sending gcode commands to the printer on at a time, nor does it expose the feedback from the printer on each processed gcode command while printing. OctoPrint needs that. In theory, you modify the electronics to connect a board like the raspberry pi directly to the "motion controller" that is in the UM3/S5/S3 (bypassing the Olimex linux board that is in the printer). But then it would no longer work with Cura Connect, and you would have to reimplement a lot to get dual extrusion, material detection, bedleveling etc working again. In reality, it is just not possible.
  10. You could save the file and use Printrun (pronterface) or OctoPrint to print the file.
  11. The "Select Face to Align" feature requires a computer & GPU with at least OpenGL 4.1. If the system does not support OpenGL 4.1, the button for the feature will not show up. No amount of reinstalling will change that.
  12. Unfortunately, that list does not seem to be up to date.
  13. All replacement patterns are reevaluated on an update. I don't want to update it too often, because updating eg on every setting change may slow things down. I'll come up with a solution. The replacement patterns (all of them) are also updated when a slice is done, so the gcode file you save/print will already have the properly updated prefix. Yes it will.
  14. The plugin puts some gcode commands in the gcode file that are meant to configure the linear advance functionality that is present in some printer firmwares (specifically new-ish Marlin based firmwares that have the functionality enabled). The Ultimaker firmware does not support that functionality. The plugin will have no effect on Ultimaker printers.
  15. Here's an updated version that supports more replacement patterns: Cura 3.5-3.6: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/CustomJobPrefix-v5.0.0-2019-10-10T14_23_56Z.curapackage Cura 4.0-4.3: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/CustomJobPrefix-v6.0.0-2019-10-10T14_23_56Z.curapackage {printer_name}, {printer_type}, {layer_height}, {machine_nozzle_size}, {material_type}, {material_weight}, {print_time_hours}, {print_time_minutes}, {date_year}, {date_month}, {date_day}, {time_hour}, {time_minutes}
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