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  1. I meant in the sidebar, not in the setting visibility dialog. But that might not work (not sure). What may work is using the Per Model Settings tool, go to Add Settings, and tick the "Show All" and use the search in that dialog.
  2. Use the search field to find the "Drop Down Support Mesh" setting and turn it off.
  3. ahoeben

    Submitting a new Printer Definition

    You add the files you want to be added in the correct location inside your own branch.
  4. Have you tried the similar menu next to the "Search..." box in the sidebar? Does that work better?
  5. ahoeben

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    Scroll down to the BETA section, all the way on the bottom of the page @smartavionics linked to.
  6. ahoeben

    Submitting a new Printer Definition

    Yes, sofar this looks correct
  7. Does the external reader have drive letters associated with it? What happens when you disconnect the reader? Not as a solution, but as a step in troubleshooting.
  8. ahoeben


    You run Cura as Administrator. Bad, bad, not good.
  9. ahoeben


    What makes you think Cura tries to do that? It doesn't. Never did.
  10. I'm sorry, I did not actually test this with Cura 3.5. I have edited the opening post to reflect that. The plugin is 3.6 and 4.0 only (for now)
  11. ahoeben

    Large print, cutout for print-bed clips

    The important thing here is that your model is concave, and the polygon around the model is convex. Doing intersection-calculations on concave is much harder, more computationally intensive, thus takes longer, than doing the same with only convex polygons.
  12. ahoeben

    Sidebar GUI for Cura 4.0

    What I think he meant, sort-of tongue in cheek, was that I somehow disable my plugin on computers at ultimaker hq, force-dog-feeding the 4.0 interface to Cura developers. I can appreciate the joke.
  13. ahoeben

    Plugins within Cura are missing

    I would very much appreciate it if the Marketplace could keep serving older versions of my plugins for older versions of Cura. If not, I would still have to test new versions of my plugins with the older versions. Take the OctoPrint Connection plugin as an example. Due to changes in Cura, there has only been one recent release (3.5 -> 3.6) where the plugin did not need minor or major changes to work with the next version, in a way that broke it for the previous version. If the version I released for Cura 2.7 would still be available in the 2.7 plugin browser, it would still work. But there's no way I'm going to be able to make a version that works correctly in Cura 2.7 and Cura 4.0.
  14. ahoeben

    Cura per model settings doesn't print

    I’m going to need a screenshot, with the Per Model Settings panel showing what you changed.
  15. ahoeben

    3D Printer not printing properly

    You mean "pay particular attention to faces that are light-blueish versus white/grey". Right?

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