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  1. ahoeben

    Problems with CURA 6.0 slice

    *cough* 3.6.0 *cough* See that "Prepare" button in the lower right corner? Press it. Prefer not to press it after making changes? Go to the General pane of Preferences and enable automatic slicing. Want to be able to easily toggle this behavior? Go to the Marketplace and install "Automatic slicing toggle switch".
  2. And did you also test with the camera, with this new version?
  3. ahoeben

    Introducing Ultimaker Cura 3.6 | Beta

    As always, the logs should have information about what is (not) happening. You probably have to install a newer version of the OctoPrint Connection plugin using the MarketPlace. Because in the past old versions of the OctoPrint plugin could crash Cura (due to changes in the Cura code), I made it so that a version of the plugin only loads in versions of Cura that it has been tested with.
  4. Did you test with or without the camera image displaying?
  5. ahoeben

    Not full build plate usable in Cura

    A skirt still requires room on the buildplate. Go into the Custom settings, and set Build Plate adhesion to "None". If you don't use the second extruder in this print, disable that extruder. There are a couple of other settings that also affect the grey shaded area around the build volume.
  6. There are two architectural reasons you don’t see the effect of postprocessing scripts. The Layer View does not actually show the gcode, but a preview created along-side the gcode, because actually parsing the gcode would take much, much longer. On top of that, postprocessing scripts are only executed just before printing/saving the gcode.
  7. ahoeben

    different Z offset in Cura than Slic3r

    There’s the ZOffset plugin in the Marketplace.
  8. ahoeben

    Setting Lock

    -1 for the idea because the behavior is so close to the current behavior it would be confusing. An alternative would be to be able to select which values to keep in the keep/discard dialog.
  9. ahoeben

    Optimize Cura for smaller screens

    If you are interested in a version of this plugin for Cura 3.6, please help test this prerelease: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/PrepareStageCompactor-v5-2018-10-29T14_11_04Z.curapackage
  10. ahoeben

    Auto level bed while heating extruder

    Note that Cura *only* adds its own preheating before the start g-code if it does not see {material_print_temperature} or {material_print_temperature_layer_0} in your start g-code snippet. If you use those strings instead of hardcoding a value, Cura will not have to add its own preheat sequence.
  11. Could you test if this version of the plugin still exhibits the leak when you configure it not to display the camera image? http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/OctoPrintPlugin-v5.0.0-2018-11-14T21_29_30Z.curapackage Just drop the downloaded file into a running Cura window, and restart Cura. I don't think this version will fix the memory leak (though it might), but it will help diagnose where/what is leaking. Version 3.5.2 of the plugin (which I think you have installed) has a bug that even when not displaying the image, it is still being streamed and interpreted (oops).
  12. ahoeben

    Start and End Gcode

    Have you tried turning the printer off and on again?
  13. ahoeben

    Start and End Gcode

    There is no start gcode for Ultimaker 2 flavor, since the start sequence is handled by the printer.
  14. ahoeben

    Help understanding the Origin and 'Prepare' coordinates

    The indicator should be seen as a “front-left indicator” instead of an origin (except for delta machines, which normally are the only machines that have the origin at the center). Don’t pay too much attention to it, since it doesn’t “do” anything except indication the front-left.
  15. ahoeben

    Introducing Ultimaker Cura 3.6 | Beta

    If you want to run Cura 3.6 with a “clean” configuration folder that is not upgraded from a previous version, do the following: * run Cura 3.6 * go to Help -> Show configuration folder * close Cura * remove all files from the configuration folder, but leave the empty 3.6 folder in place. * restart Cura When Cura cannot find the folder with the correct version name, it will make a copy of the latest configuration and upgrade that (all the way down to legacy Cura if that is all that can be found). When it gets the empty folder though, it starts a new configuration.

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