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  1. How do you open files in Cura? In Cura, there's the File -> Open... menu and a folder icon (top left on the Prepare tab) that will let you open/add files to the build plate. You can also drag and drop models into the Cura window. If you double-click a model or drop the model on the Cura icon, a new window of Cura will likely open. The next version of Cura will have a preference not to do that.
  2. The only difference is that the Deltabot definition did not let you use more than 1 extruder.
  3. In order for there to be overlap, you must load multiple models into CuraEngine. I am not 100% certain the commandline interface supports that. You could try > curaengine -l mainobject.stl -s <setting>=<value> ... -l overlapping.stl -s cutting_mesh=true -s <setting>=<value>
  4. Use Custom FFF printer instead, setting the Build Plate Shape to Elliptic and the tick the Origin at Center box. This is functionally equivalent to using the Deltabot definition, except that now you have the option to use multiple extruders.
  5. I fixed the old comment. I am very sorry that happened to you. I am also surprised there are still printers around that you can set on fire this easily via gcode.
  6. Ok, I don’t have an UM3, and you are asking for something I cannot provide. So there is nothing I can do for you then.
  7. Equal wear of the buildplate surface, I guess?
  8. Can you try this development snapshot? Download the file and drop it onto the Cura buildplate as if you are opening a 3d model. After restarting Cura, right-clicking a model and selecting Mesh Tools -> Randomise location will move the model to a random position on the build plate.
  9. Hey, you are asking the community, so you get a community-answer... The community cannot fix the firmware for you.
  10. I realize you probably want this issue fixed instead of a workaround, but if Wifi seems to be the cause of the problem and you can't run wires, then you might try using a simple access point to do the wifi-ing and connect a short ethernet cable between the access point and the printer.
  11. I can add an option to randomize model placement to a future release of MeshTools. It may not take into account things like bed clips or circular buildplates though.
  12. I am sorry; without seeing some code, and knowing exactly what files you copied where, there is no way for me to reproduce what you did or find out how to fix the issue.
  13. Then feel free not to use it. I said plugins can hook in to the dialog you are trying to use. The plugin you downloaded doesn't. The intended workflow with this plugin is you first add your printer as a "local", non networked printer, and then add the network connection via Extensions -> DuetRRF -> DuetRRF Connections.
  14. I was asking about using a powered hub since that would work as a sort of "buffer" for any electrical cause of your printer shutting down your PC. But like I said, on a decent motherboard with a decent USB controller, even shortcircuiting the USB port should not shut down the PC, but instead disable the USB port until you reset it in Windows. It could also be a matter of a bad driver that crashes your PC.
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