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  1. A beta version of the SidebarGUI plugin for Cura 4.8 (and older) can be found here: This new version makes the sidebar collapsible! 🚀
  2. With the availability of the Cura 4.8 beta, it is time for a new version of SidebarGUI. This version adds the possibility to close/hide the sidebar, and fixes some minor bugs. When hidden, the sidebar collapses into a neat summary of the print settings and extruder configuration. Could you all please help me test this development snapshot with Cura 4.8 beta? It should also work on older versions of Cura, down to Cura 4.4. The official release in the Marketplace will be compatible with Cura 4.0 and newer. Download the file and drop it onto the Cura buildplate as if you
  3. There is a single line input field in the usb/octoprint print monitor, but no interface to view responses.
  4. There seem to be two different things in this thread. The original report by @rorion was a hard crash to the crash dialog with the error "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'close'". Cura could not continue. The sparse information that was given does not indicate any relation to the OctoPrint plugin, but seems to have happened while attempting to move an object. What @jerryd11 and @aschaetter see is an error related to OctoPrint, where Cura does not crash but show the error "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'state'". That error has been reported to me before here, but sofar I had
  5. I created many plugins for Cura, and also created BLACKBELT Cura to support belt-style printers. What would you like to customize?
  6. That's why you need to create an issue on the github page @nallath linked to, with logs, so the error can be examined.
  7. In addition to what @nallath said, you can push the little downward arrow to switch from "Save to removable drive" to "Save to File" and see if you can save the file after that.
  8. The file needs to be put inside the scripts folder, not the plugins folder, nor the script folder.
  9. The stl format does not support "different colors", or even a single color; just geometry. According to Wikipedia, there are at least two non-standard variations on the binary STL format for adding color information. But Cura does not support those.
  10. What triggers the error? ie: what do you do immediately before the error happens? Can you share Cura.log from the configuration folder? NB: Cura 7.1 does not exist. Cura 4.7.1 does.
  11. Cura thinks the model does not fit the buildvolume. From the screenshot it looks that it does fit, but maybe there is an additional part included in the same model that is outside the buildvolume? Can you share the model?
  12. Have you tested any newer versions? 2.7 is fairly old by now.
  13. Did you change the gcode flavor to Marlin? If not, Cura expects you to set the buildplate temperature on the printer (by selecting the material).
  14. It didn’t. Ultimaker Cura is free and open source, released under the LGPL v3 license. That cannot be changed without the consent of many contributors, me included.
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