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  1. Thanks, but the amazing part of the work is done by @FormerLurker; my plugin is just the glue between Cura and his ArcWelder application.
  2. @macmaddog if you are still interested in getting the plugin working, can you test this development snapshot? Download the file, and drop it onto the buildplate in Cura as if you were opening a 3d model. This latest version contains fix for the ArcWelder executable not being able to run to the plugin does not initialise its setting on some Windows installations. Previously I incorrectly assumed you were using a mac, because of your username :-).
  3. I have created a new development snapshot which includes an OS X executable of the ArcWelder console application that I manually built on an OS X 10.12 virtual machine and which seems to work there.
  4. No need to be sorry. The option is fairly well hidden away, and I don't know why "Line Type" is no longer the default option like it used to be many versions ago.
  5. The official way to uninstall a plugin is via the "Installed" tab of the Marketplace window. Manually removing files from the configuration folder could have adverse effects (like Cura still informing you of updated versions of the plugin that you removed)
  6. Yellow is the "material color" for Generic PLA. If everything is yellow, the Color scheme is set to "Material Color". Change it to "Line Type";
  7. I think applying a custom shader is the best option. Adding lines might work too, but you will end up with LOTs of them for larger organic meshes. You could look at how grid.shader draws lines.
  8. It is fairly impossible to help you without knowing what they told you to do. Can you link to the discussion?
  9. "Compatibility mode" is limited to what it can do. If compatibility mode could do everything, it would be the only mode.
  10. Either downgrade to version 4.6, or wait patiently for version 4.9. It has been fixed, but the fix has not yet been published in an official release.
  11. It is somehow comforting to know that PrusaSlicer is also not without its issues.
  12. @PricklyPear could try disabling the ArcWelder setting in Cura to save a gcode file, and then manually launch the ArcWelder command from a terminal and copy/paste the output here: /Users/iMac2011/Library/Application Support/cura/4.8/plugins/ArcWelderPlugin/ArcWelderPlugin/bin/osx/ArcWelder --log-level=DEBUG -m=1000000 -t=0.01 -r=0.05 -s=1.0 -a=12 path/to/file.gcode Obviously, the path/to/file.gcode part should be replaced by a (relative or absolute) path to the saved gcode file.
  13. The processing does not happen until just before the gcode is saved to disk or printed. The plugin does not affect the actual slicing (which is also why the effect of the plugin will not be visible in the layerview). The ArcWelder command returning an exit status of -11 means it encountered a "Segmentation vault" ("it crashed"). Hmm, I have no idea why it would crash. Let's see if pinging @FormerLurker works.
  14. @davispw and @PricklyPear, here is a new development snapshot for you to try. I don't think it directly fixes your problem, but at least it should show more details about what is going wrong in the logs (so if you try it, a new Cura.log is appreciated). @macmaddog, I really cannot help you without your log files. You can find cura.log via the Help -> Show configuration folder... menu-item.
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