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  1. Question 3.2

    That functionality is not (yet) available in Cura 3.2, nor will it be in Cura 3.3
  2. Recent Cura Update

    Fill in the values where you want your printer to pause, where to park the head, etc. Then close the window, and export or print your gcode. The commands to pause your print will be inserted in the gcode.
  3. Remote access to UM3 API from a web server

    Some sort of VPN solution would be much better than opening up your UM3 to the world. It does not have to be "3rd party".
  4. Remote access to UM3 API from a web server

    Unless you know what you are doing: don't. The UM3 firmware is not designed to be secure enough to face the internet. Unless you want your printer to be controllable by a random script-kiddie, do NOT connect your printer directly to the internet.
  5. Cura 3.2.1 Temperature control?

    Cura 3.3 will have extruder preheating controls. Extrude/rectract controls are next on my list.
  6. Recent Cura Update

    See the menu Extensions -> Post Processing -> Modify Gcode. Add the script "Pause at height".
  7. In preferences, make sure you have the "Center camera when item is selected" option checked for the old behavior. You may also be interested in the "Zoom toward mouse direction" option. Also do you know about holding down the Shift key while rotating the camera with the right mouse button?
  8. Problem Adding Post Processing Modify G-Code script

    Well, if you are running Cura 3.2.1, I would say that you should use C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 3.2 instead of \Ultimaker Cura 3.0. But the better place to put the script is in the configuration folder. In Cura go to Help -> Show configuration folder. In the folder that opens, there will be a folder named "scripts". Put your script in there.
  9. Cura 3.0 Time Estimate Not Accurate

    Did it actually take 19 hours, or did the display just show 19 hours from the start of the print? The first layer is typically printing much slower than the rest of the print. The printer figures "if the first few commands of the file are taking this long, then the whole print is going to take a looong time to print". In reality, the following layers will print much faster and the estimate shown on the printer will come down. I think. But I never printed from SD on my UM2.
  10. A 'str' can be used to type a filename, but there is no file-picker/file open dialog box for a setting.
  11. No, unfortunately, there is not.
  12. Mailing list or forum for developers?

    Dear diary, Today I won at internet
  13. I have some experience abusing Cura for “weird” printers; I’m working on the Blackbelt version of Cura, which supports a slanted gantry. https://github.com/blackbelt3d/cura Your printer sounds a lot more complicated than theirs, but I see possibilities.
  14. Mailing list or forum for developers?

    Especially for you, here's the post again, so you can give it a second like: Yay, picking is working:
  15. Mailing list or forum for developers?

    Yay, picking is working:

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