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  1. This is often done using a plugin in OctoPrint named OctoLapse.
  2. You need to do libArcus before CuraEngine, because CuraEngine requires libArcus (right?).
  3. Couldn't you do that with a postprocessing script though? Duplicate each layer, adjust the extrusion.
  4. It depends what you want to change. If it is all frontend stuff, you might be able to just edit python files in the released version.
  5. I’ll just quote myself, from a couple of replies above this: Also note:
  6. Liked for the thread title
  7. Bugs happen in Cura. I don't think you really want automatic updates. Sometimes you want to hold back on an update. Having said that, you can extract the files from the Windows installer with just about any archiving application (eg 7zip), and run Cura.exe from there without installing it to Program Files. That should make it possible to use a newer version without bothering asking your IT department for support.
  8. Note that a new version of the plugin, which singles out Ultimaker 3 and S5 printers, is now available in the Marketplace. This fixes this issue, specifically for these printers.
  9. If @ahoeben did not do this (to *some* of his plugins), every user upgrading from Cura 4.0 to Cura 4.1 with the OctoPrint Connection plugin installed would have been greeted with a crash dialog with the option to kill all their settings, because once again this SDK update was messed up like it has been many times in the past. Please don't suggest that I do this "out of a personal decision". Time and time again this has proven to be a necessity.
  10. A prerelease version of the OctoPrint Plugin for Cura 4.1 can be dowloaded here: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/OctoPrintPlugin-v6.1.0-2019-05-16T10_29_36Z.curapackage Please drop the downloaded file into a running Cura application window, and restart Cura. Unless issues are reported with this version of the plugin, it should be available as an update on the Marketplace soon.
  11. Between the Settings and the Preferences menu. In the same menubar as File, Edit and View.
  12. I think this would have been better suited at the OctoPrint forum (as I said in my email). This needs to be solved at the OctoPrint end first. There is currently no way to link a gcode file to a user in OctoPrint, or to add other metadata to the gcode file. If that were possible, the OctoPrint Connection plugin would be able to send this data. Currently there is nothing on the receiving end (OctoPrint) that would register this additional data, so there is no use sending it.
  13. The gpu in the first laptop does not support the required functionality for the normal layerview, so it falls back to the compatibility mode. The gpu in the second laptop should support the required functionality. There are two possibilities why it does not work: * You may have changed the preference on the General pane of the preference to force the compatibility mode * The driver you have installed on the laptop may disable OpenGL 4.1
  14. I can tell you how the barbarian plugin works, but other plugins work differently. Some plugins (like the Barbarian plugin) add an entry in the Extensions menu. The Barbarian plugin adds a menu item "Extensions -> Barbarian plugin -> Convert to metric". You select an object that was imported in inches and use that menu option to scale it up. Note that this thread is specifically about the list of plugins listed in the opening post, for the beta of Cura 4.0. Your post would have been more appropriate as its own thread.
  15. That's because your layerview is in compatibility mode. This happens because of two reasons; You either selected this in preferences or your graphics card doesn't support opengl 4.1. Note that in the first screenshot, the Sidebar GUI plugin is used to rearrange the UI. This made the vertical slider move to the left of the settings.
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